March 7, 2018 Jude Wilson

Does it matter where you skydive?

Not another bunch of flowers

One of the less talked about parts of skydiving is the sensational ride under canopy. Yeah, the 150 mph free fall is going to blow your mind when you first skydive, but then couple this with the most serene and peaceful 5 minutes you will ever experience – It’s more than just special… it’s sensory overload!

Once the parachute opens

You are soaring through the air and have the opportunity to look around and appreciate just how magnificent a place we are lucky enough to live in. Getting the perspective of seeing the coastal views that our Suffolk drop zone offers is truly special. You really get a feeling for size of the green Vs blue sea spaces we have – well that’s if you can keep your eyes open!

We are lucky enough to be here on the coast, but think about the area you want to jump in – you might be able to see your house!


We have tried to express just what its like to skydive, check out this short video. This is Danny French, one of our instructors trying to capture the skydive feeling… Does he succeed?

More of your skydiving questions answered… What’s it like to skydive?? #skydivingquestions #hench #epic #awesome #skydive #ukpara #parachute #feeltherush

Posted by UK Parachuting on Saturday, 25 November 2017


ps – whilst I’ve got you, don’t forget its Mothering Sunday THIS WEEK. Now not all Mums are made equal, some want more than flowers, we can arrange a skydive on Sunday, or a voucher for Mum to choose another day to come and skydive. Is your Mum brave enough…Or are you, you can skydive with her!

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