About Us

About us

UK Parachuting was established 25 years ago as Ipswich Parachute Centre and operated for many years at Ipswich Airport. The company are the booking agent for two British Skydiving (BS) Parachute Training Organisations (PTO) at Beccles and Sibson. The Beccles Drop Zone is located 15 miles south west of Norwich in the heart of rural East Anglia. The airfield we use was originally built as a USAF base in World War 2 but is now home to a Cessna Caravan turbine aircraft. The Sibson Drop Zone is situated 5 miles from Peterborough and has great access from the A1. It is only 1 hour from central London and have 2 x Cessna Caravan turbine aircraft.

UK Parachuting also provides the 2 PTO’s Beccles and Sibson skydivers with their aircraft and operate 12 months of the year, weather permitting.

UK Parachuting own 4 x Cessna Caravan aircraft. Each aircraft can take 18 jumpers to 13000ft in less than 20 minutes