This is the best way to experience freefall, with the minimum of fuss… A once in a lifetime experience!

Tandem Skydiving – Whats involved

If you want to experience every aspect of our sport on your very first jump, a Tandem Skydive is just the thing! Following a short pre-jump briefing, you will enjoy the thrill of free fall and even learn the basics of steering and landing a modern ‘square’ gliding parachute, while securely attached to a highly experienced instructor. All you need to do is smile and enjoy your skydive.

With a tandem parachute especially designed for two people, you will board an aircraft and soar to around 13,000 feet (approximately two miles high!). When you and your instructor leave the plane, you will fall at about 120 mph, descending to 5,000 feet in around 40 seconds. At this point, your instructor will open the parachute and fly you safely back to earth! During the six minutes or so under the parachute, you will enjoy breath-taking and unique views of the local area and beyond. We guarantee that your tandem skydive will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.


The minimum age is 16. There is no upper age limit.

A self-declaration medical certificate is required, however, regardless of age, you do not need to get a medical form signed by a doctor to take part in a Tandem skydive. 

If you have doubts about your fitness to do a tandem jump, please discuss this with your doctor. They should read this form before giving the advice

If you require a female instructor, please advise us at time of booking


The weight limit for a Tandem Sky dive is Male 16 stone(101 Kg’s) Women 15 stone 7 pounds Stone (99Kg’s) with clothing


The weight limit for a Tandem Sky dive is Male 15 stone 7 pounds (99 Kg’s) Women 15 stone 7 pounds Stone (99Kg’s) with clothing

On the day…

On the day of your skydive your tandem instructor will explain in detail what you have to do and what will take place during the flight up, the free fall descent and the ride down under the parachute. This briefing normally takes around 20 minutes.

After this, you will be provided with a skydiver’s jumpsuit to go over your clothes (you should wear comfortable clothing, such as a track suit, and a pair of trainers). After fitting the tandem parachute harness (and appropriate headgear and goggles) you are ready to board the plane for the 15 minute ascent. Then it’s one glorious leap out into the blue!

Our Parachute Training Operations at Beccles and Peterborough are affiliated to British Skydiving (governing body). All tandem instructors are very experienced free fall parachutists who hold British Skydiving Tandem skydiving Instructor ratings. You are in safe hands. We offer a full range of skydiving activities and can cater for large groups of any size – corporate days, hen and stag parties.

Just £50.00 will secure your place. The balance of payment will be due on the day of your skydive. If you are looking to purchase a flexible voucher as a gift, that is valid for 12 months, please click here for Peterborough and here for Beccles