Jason Thompson (Tomo)

Tomo has been a professional skydiver for over 25 years, has over 12,000 jumps and is a multi-world record holder. He served for 15 years in the Parachute Regiment, spending two-thirds of this time in the Pathfinder Platoon where he qualified in military HALO/HAHO and Military Tandem skydiving. He is currently UK Parachuting’s Chief Instructor (CI) and holds British Skydiving Advanced Instructor/Accelerated Free Fall Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Category System Instructor/Advanced Packer.

Grant Richards

Grant has been a skydiver for over 25 years and has logged over 10,000 jumps. Prior to his involvement with UK Parachuting, he served for 22 years with the Royal Air Force as a Physical Training and Parachute Jumping Instructor, teaching the British Armed Forces all aspects of military jumping, from static line to high altitude free fall parachuting and tandem parachuting. He is a British Skydiving and United States Parachute Association (USPA) accelerated free fall instructor, tandem instructor, free fall coach and canopy piloting coach. Grant is also a BS parachute pilot examiner and the Club Chief Pilot at our 2 PTO’s Beccles & Sibson Skydivers.

UK Parachuting – Beccles Airfield

Rick Thompson

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor

Steve Wilkins

Tandem Instructor

Max Meridius

Tandem Instructor

Yazmin Maskell

Head Packer

Callum Kennedy

Tandem Instructor

Marty Wilson


Tibi Paven

Tandem Instructor

Andy Page

Advanced Rigger

Steve Wickham

Tandem Instructor

James Page

Tandem Instructor

Yo Lee

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor

Sam Warburton

Tandem Instructor

Karl Thackeray

Camera Flyer

Tracey Skinner


Rhian Hogg

Camera Flyer

UK Parachuting – Peterborough Airfield

Chris McCann

Chief Instructor/Examiner/Advanced Instructor/AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/CSI/FS Coach/Advanced Packer

Nick Davison

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Camera Man/CSI/FS Coach/FF Coach/Tracking Coach/CP Coach

Shane Wood

AFF Instructor/Camera Man/FS Coach

Steve Howes

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/FF Coach/FF Load Organiser

Del Hopkins

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/CS Instructor

Kye Bromley

Tandem Instructor

Mike Rust

British Skydiving Examiner/ Advanced Instructor/Tandem Instructor/AFF Instructor

Wes Lawes

Camera Man

Jimmy Firth

Driver/Accuracy Coach

Andy Clements

Camera Flyer

Kyle Skyoles

Camera Flyer