Jason Thompson (Tomo)

Tomo has been a professional skydiver for over 25 years, has over 12,000 jumps and is a multi-world record holder. He served for 15 years in the Parachute Regiment, spending two-thirds of this time in the Pathfinder Platoon where he qualified in military HALO/HAHO and Military Tandem skydiving. He is currently UK Parachuting’s Chief Instructor (CI) and holds British Skydiving Advanced Instructor/Accelerated Free Fall Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Category System Instructor/Advanced Packer.

Grant Richards

Grant has been a skydiver for over 25 years and has logged over 8,000 jumps. Prior to his involvement with UK Parachuting, he served for 22 years with the Royal Air Force as a Physical Training and Parachute Jumping Instructor, teaching the British Armed Forces all aspects of military jumping, from static line to high altitude free fall parachuting and tandem parachuting. He is a British Skydiving and United States Parachute Association (USPA) accelerated free fall instructor. Grant is also a British Skydiving parachute pilot examiner and the Club Chief Pilot at our 2 PTO’s Beccles & Sibson Skydivers.

Beccles Skydivers – Beccles Airfield

Mark King

Operations Manager/Tandem Instructor/AFFBI

Karl Thackeray

Camera Flyer

Rhian Hogg

Camera Flyer

Clive Tate


Steve Wilkins

Tandem Instructor/Pilot

Rick Thompson

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor

Yazmin Maskell

Head Packer

Max Meridius

Tandem Instructor

Callum Kennedy

Tandem Instructor/Camera Man

Marty Wilson

Office Manager

Andy Page

Advanced Rigger

Tibi Paven

Tandem Instructor

Steve Wickham

Tandem Instructor

James Page

Tandem Instructor

Yo Lee

AFF Co-ordinator/AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Video

Sam Warburton

Tandem Instructor

Adam Drew


Archie Glazebrook

Tandem Instructor/AFFBI/Camera Flyer/FS Coach

Nicola Colledge


Tim Porter

Tandem Instructor/FF Coach

Josh Jamieson

Camera Flyer

Gavin Rixon

Tandem Instructor/AFFI

Mike “Pip” Bowdler

Camera Flyer

Danny French

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor

Phil Coates

Tandem Instructor

Garreth Pepparell

Camera Flyer

This Could be you, find out about our apprenticeship scheme email jump@ukparachuting.co.uk for more details. 

Sibson Skydivers – Peterborough Airfield

Andy Pointer

Chief Instructor/Examiner/Advanced Instructor/AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/CSI/FS Coach

Nick Davison

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Video/CSI/FS Coach/FF Coach/Tracking Coach/CP Coach

Shane Wood

AFF Instructor/Video/FS Coach

Steve Howes

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/FF Coach/FF Load Organiser

Steve Taylor

Operations Manager

Delfina Nowicki


Jenny Cooke


James Ranken


Del Hopkins

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/CS Instructor

Kye Bromley

Tandem Instructor

Mike Rust

British Skydiving Examiner/ Advanced Instructor/Tandem Instructor/AFF Instructor

Wes Lawes


Jimmy Firth

Driver/Accuracy Coach

Andy Clements


Kyle Skyoles


Ferenc Keller


Radoslaw Wlazlo

AFF Instructor/Video

Justinas Kubilinskas

Tandem Instrcutor

Lukasz Baluczynski


Mark Harris

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Video/Wingsuit Coach

Ged Parker

AFF Instructor/Video

Florin Cotofana

Tandem Instrcutor

Nakhon McClay


Peter Berenyi

Tandem Instructor/Video