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UK Parachuting has, for over 35 years, provided first class rigging and parachute manufacture services to the UK and abroad.

Our full time Advanced Rigger, Andy Page, has 35 years in the industry with over 13,000 jumps and is on-site offering services from reserve re-packing to container and parachute maintenance. If any work needs to be carried out on the equipment we will call you prior to discuss the fee before commencing the work.

All work is diligently carried out in our fully equipped rigging facility. We can service and maintain all your equipment, from state-of-the-art Ram-Air canopies to round parachute and glider emergency parachutes.

We are also a UK dealer for Cypres units so we can either sell you a unit or send your unit off for a service

UK Parachuting also organise and run British Skydiving Advanced Packing Courses. For further information, please call our office on 01502 476131 or email us on jump@ukparachuting.co.uk


  • Glider emergency parachutes repack £50
  • Reserve Repacks £55
  • Relines from £80 (Lines not included) available to purchase contact us for price
  • Purchase inspection checks £50
  • Cypres service £205
  • Cypres 2 service 4 or 8 year check – includes battery change and reserve repack £255

We are also UK Dealers for the following:

Performance Designs

Sunpath Products (Javelin)



Vigil (AAD)

Alti 2

Jedi Air Wear

Just email for a quote jump@ukparachuting.co.uk

Our Work

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