Most of us dreamt and thought about it for a long time before ever actually making it to the drop zone. We tried to imagine what it was going to be like, the sound of the wind, the air in our face, the incredible acceleration and speed, that moment of stepping out the door. But it was nothing like we expected! The adrenalin rush of our first freefall followed by the quiet serenity of the canopy flight was so completely different from anything we’d ever done before. We tried to tell our friends about it but we were at a loss for words and ended up saying “I can’t explain it. You just have to do it.

We hear it all the time, whether you only do one jump or choose to pursue skydiving as a new hobby, that first skydive is a life changing experience. At that moment of truth, when it all came down to it, you had the courage to step off the plane and fly. You landed with new self confidence, ready to face your fears and take on any and all challenges in pursuit of your dreams.If you did this you can do anything.

Your second jump is a completely different experience than the first. The first jump is everything I just described. But on your first jump the level of adrenaline and the sensation of freefall are so foreign that for everyone there is a certain amount of “sensory overload.” With so many new physical and emotional experiences happening simultaneously it is difficult to absorb it all. It’s sometimes hard to tell if the freefall lasted 5 seconds or 5 minutes!

On the second jump your heart will be racing again, but you will know much more what to expect.There is much less sensory overload. You can recall every second. Freefall actually seems like the 50ish seconds that it is. Because you are so much more aware during the jump you are actually able to enjoy the entire experience more. You don’t just have the adrenalin rush when you exit the plane, you remember it!You remember how you became more relaxed after exiting the plane and transitioning to stable freefall.You remember the view of the beach and the mountains. You remember the smooth deceleration from freefall to the canopy flight as your parachute blossomed open.

With less sensory overload you are more aware and in touch with the entire experience. Most people actually “enjoy” the second jump even more than the first.

You experience the first jump, but you own the second one!There is nothing that compares to that second Skydive.

And when you jump at UK Parachuting you experience so much more than only a skydive.Youexperience “skydiving” and the amazing sport and community that it is!

If you’ve been thinking about making another jump now is the time.If you jump within 1 year of your last skydive the cost is just £150 and friends and family will receive £20 off our standard rate skydive.

Bring your friends and give them the chance for that once in a lifetime first jump experience while you take that second step.You might never look back.