March 22, 2018 Jude Wilson

TANDEM Skydiving isn’t a team sport, is it?!

Is it better to skydive alone or with friends?! 

As a tandem skydiving student (that means you haven’t ever skydived before so you are our student) you will be looked after by your very own tandem instructor – he (or she of course!) is going to teach you what to do and keep you safe, whist making sure you have the time of your life…!! Whilst its true you will be looked after by your instructor, consider what happens when you jump with friends

Before the jump day

When you are getting nervous before your jump day your friends will be there to all discuss and explore fear together… We recommend watching online videos and share the nerves support and encourage each other.

On the jump day

On your way to the DZ (drop zone) you will have fun and fear on the journey with the WHAT IF’s and expectations gathering momentum – and with people to share the pre-jump emotions with, you also have people to share petrol money with.

On arrival to the DZ

You will all undertake your skydiving briefing together building the tension and enjoying your new skills.

On the plane

Depending on the plane on the day of your jump (we have 3 planes) we can get 5 or 6 tandem students on one aircraft ‘load’. It takes around 15 minutes to ride to altitude and this is where the camaraderie really kicks in. I can’t explain just how much fun this part of the ride is, and sharing it with friends is priceless. Now, I’m not telling you that you can chat in the air, I am saying that if you keep your eyes peeled you will see each other.

The best bit?

When you land, full of exhilaration and the overwhelming bag of emotions surging round your body, your friends feel the same. Go for lunch, hang out at the DZ or drive home, I promise you one thing, you will all be broadly smiling.


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