September 27, 2023 Steve Taylor

AFF Level 1

Learn to Skydive Solo


Nothing can compare to the excitement, the thrill, the overwhelming feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins, when you jump out of a plane for the very first time. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), allows you to experience all of this, while guided by our extremely qualified and professional instructors at UK Parachuting.

AFF consists of a full day of ground training (6-8 hrs), after completing this you will be ready to feel the freedom of flight. Assisted by two qualified AFF instructors you will jump out of the plane from 13 000 feet and at a predetermined altitude deploy your own parachute. You will then under the guidance of the instructors fly your canopy back to a safe landing on the parachute landing area.

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The adventure does not stop with only completing the Level 1 AFF Skydive. If you want to become a qualified solo skydiver, there are 8 levels in the AFF Course and 10 consolidation jumps, this will lead to you achieving an A-License with British Skydiving. This is a international license and will allow you to jump anywhere in the world.

Photo Credit: Ged Parker (AFF Instructor @ UK Parachuting Peterborough)

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