February 19, 2019 Jude Wilson

Winter Skydiving at UKP

Yes, you CAN skydive in winter, and ENJOY it too! We jump at UK Parachuting all year round, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it at least once. Who’s know’s what conditions you might experience!

So WHY jump in the cold? First, you get to enjoy a DIFFERENT view. The snow covered ground and the familiar scenery, all shiny and white, is one of the prettiest things to see. Second, it feels good to conquer the elements. Why stay grounded and bored when you can put some warm layers on and go fly? Challenge accepted! And third, if crowds aren’t your thing, the drop zone is definitely quieter in winter. You can enjoy a more relaxed pace and avoid the long waiting times.

There is some preparation necessary though to keep you safe and comfortable in the cold. LAYER UP clothes is the best advice – adrenaline will always kick in, but keep warm. We provide the jump suit that you will need, but layer up under this.

The snow has already been with us this year, our images even made the headlines. Here is to jumping all year round at UKP!


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