At UK Parachuting (Sibson) we have something to suit the needs of every skydiver with the added bonus of a friendly club atmosphere!

Opening Times:

  • Jan-March; Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • April-Oct: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Oct-Dec: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Open all Bank Holidays
  • 17th-27th July 2014: UK Parachuting Sibson BOOGIE – open for 10 days.


  • 1x Cessna Caravans
  • 1x Dornier G92 (selected weekends and events only see below)
  • Large indoor packing area
  • Onsite bar and restaurant – The Phoenix Bar & Grill
  • Camping (Free)
  • Bunk house (£5.00 per night)
  • Caravans (£5.00 per night)
  • Showers
  • On site gear store http://www.thejumpshop.co.uk

Major events 2014:

1st – 2nd March Dave Lewis Load organising
8th – 9th March Steve Howes coaching | Get your display rating with Conrad
29th – 30th March Steve Howes coaching | British summer time begins
26th – 27th April Steve Howes coaching
3rd – 4th May BPA FS Roadshow
10th – 11th May G-92 all weekend | Killa from Volare organising | Ladies Head down record
17th-18th May G-92 all weekend | UKSL 4 way competition
24th-25th May Steve Howes coaching
31st May Sibson scrambles 4 way skydiving competition
7th-8th June Flight 1 canopy course
14th-15th June G-92 all weekend
28th-29th June Killa from Volare organising
5th-6th July Steve Howes coaching | Speed skydiving roadshow
12th-13th July G-92 all weekend | Killa from Volare organising
17th-27th July SIBSON SUMMER BOOGIE | Killa all week
25th-27th July Hari from RAYKIPO organising
26th July Summer party
2nd-3rd August Steve Howes coaching
9th-10th August G-92 all weekend | Killa from Volare organising
16th-17th August Flight 1 canopy course
13th-14th Sept Killa from Volare organising
26th-28th Sept CF Nationals | Accuracy Nationals | Speed 8 Nationals | G-92
18th-19th Oct G-92 all weekend
26th Oct British summer time ends Sibson no longer open Thursdays

Open and Progression Weeks

7th-13th April Open all week for everyone | Progression week and coaching
5th-11th May Open all week for everyone | Progression week and coaching
2nd-8th June Open all week for everyone | Progression week and coaching
21st – 27th July Open all week for everyone | Progression week
18th-24th August Open all week for everyone | Progression week
22nd-28th Sept Open all week for everyone | Progression


Jump Prices 2014
Low Ticket £15.00
Low Ticket Kit Hire & Packing £27.00
High Ticket £23.00
High Ticket Kit Hire and Packing £35.00
Block of 10 High Tickets £207.00


FS Coaching Jump Prices 2014
2 Way £42.00 Saving £ 4.00
2 Way with Kit Hire & Packing £52.00 Saving £ 6.00
3 Way £63.00 Saving £ 6.00
3 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £73.00 Saving £ 8.00
4 Way £84.00 Saving £ 8.00
4 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £94.00 Saving £ 10.00

* Note these prices only apply with a nominated UK Parachuting (Sibson) FS Coach

Coaching available:

Free Fly (FF)

  • Steve Howes from Varial Freefly coaching one on one
  • Adam Mattacola (Killa) from Volare organising group events, see dates above.
  • Women’s head down record on MAY 10th-11th.

Formation Skydiving (FS)

  • Sam Lee and his team of FS coaches will be on hand with any pre FS 1
  • For all post FS 1 Sarah Cannon is on hand so check out her own page

Canopy Piloting (CP)

  • Brian Vacher running two flight 1 courses, £50 deposit when calling the office to register.
  • 7th-8th June
  • 16th-17th August
  • All abilities catered for, novice to advanced

Canopy Formation (CF)

  • Check the Events Calendar for all CF events

Wingsuit (WS)

  • UK Parachuting is proud to be the UK home for the Phoenix Fly Wingsuit Academy. Run by wingsuit coach / examiner Macca, the Academy will offer wingsuit coaching at all levels, including: First Flight Courses (FFC), WS1 and WS2 progression, advanced coaching, team training, load organising, wingsuit camera and wingsuit coach courses.
  • As well as regular weekend coaching, there will be a number of dedicated wingsuit weekends throughout the year that focus on safely building skill levels in flocking, acrobatics and performance flying.
  • The minimum requirements for wingsuit flying are a C license with either 500 skydives in total, or 200 in the previous 18 months.
  • For more details, contact Macca@Phoenix-Fly.com or see www.Phoenix-Fly.com