March 22, 2022 Susie Richards


Wow what a weekend of great weather! It got a tad windy at times but the sun was shining and it is set to continue for the coming weekend. Club jumpers have been getting their mojo’s back and lots of people coming in to do tandem skydives. The sunshine certainly motivates people to get outside and make the most of it so if you are a clubbie new or old take a look at all the events we have going on this year https://ukparachuting.co.uk/beccles-events/ & https://ukparachuting.co.uk/sibson-events/ or if you are thinking about learning to skydive we run regular AFF courses https://ukparachuting.co.uk/aff-courses-2/ or if you prefer to put your trust in one of our experienced instructors and just enjoy the ride by doing a tandem https://ukparachuting.co.uk/about-charity-skydiving/