February 20, 2018 Jude Wilson

Skydive from a Black Hawk

Black Hawk


We are over the moon to announce that our new Black Hawk Skydive Plane has landed in the UK

… and is getting ready for its arrival to fly over the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk. It’s been lots of work to find the perfect skydive plane (would you believe there aren’t that many in the world). With the boss taking a trip to San Francisco (poor him right?!) to find her… She is nearly ready for us to skydive from – arriving at UK Parachuting around Mid March and you should be lucky enough to fly in her.

But what does this mean to you dear skydiver?

Joining us as a TANDEM skydive student (meaning you have never skydived before and are securely attached to one of our lovely instructors) this means we can get more of you and your friends onto one aircraft flight. With more together in one plane there is more fun and nervous expectation as you climb to altitude. The knock on effect is that our flight program will run quicker and means your waiting time (the most scary bit!) is reduced.

What does it mean to a qualified skydiver? A qualified SOLO skydiver is that special kind of beast for who one skydive was just not enough – so they let us teach them how to solo jump. For these guys, our Black Hawk will climb to altitude quicker and go higher. And why is this a good thing? Because they will get more jumps in a day and more much loved freefall time.


Its smiley faces all round at UKP

Come and see what all this means. Even if you don’t want to jump, you can come to see whats going on, and I personally recommend the bacon rolls at the Skydive Diner.


Find out more about us  https://ukparachuting.co.uk/about/


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