May 14, 2022 Susie Richards

Learn to SKYDIVE!!

AFF Level 1

Congratulations to Michael on completing his first solo skydive this week – Accelerated Free Fall Level 1. On a level one skydive you will have two British Skydiving Instructors along side you (holding on to you) to ensure your safety and that you of course have fun.

You will first complete a ground school learning all about the parachute, canopy, how to fly and land your canopy, safety, emergency procedures and more. Once you have passed the exam, you will be taken up to 12,000 feet for your skydive…..

If you have done a tandem skydive before and you want to learn to skydive or you want to jump straight into solo skydiving then just click on the link to find out how: https://ukparachuting.co.uk/accelerated-free-fall/