November 30, 2015 Jude Wilson

Learn to Skydive in 2016

If you are really serious about becoming a skydiver, the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course is the course for you. It’s the fast-track route to becoming a British Parachute Association ‘Category 8′ Qualified Solo Skydiver. This is our most intensive course, so you will be in a group of no more than four students, ensuring individual attention. The programme is termed ‘Accelerated’ because the learning process is three to five times faster than alternative training systems – sorry, you don’t fall faster! To achieve this, AFF instructors accompany you in free fall and provide direct tuition during each 50 second skydive, assessing and improving your performance moment by moment, giving you both time and help to gain confidence and overcome any fears.

An AFF Level 1 is the first stage of your skydiving course and is currently on offer at £300 (normal cost £350) Click Here to purchase a voucher which is valid for 12 months