March 2, 2017 Jude Wilson

Is Skydiving Safe?

We get more questions about safety than anything else. We have a perfect student safety record at UK Parachuting, and are proud of it. But, that isn’t really the question being asked, is it? The question is really, “Am I going to be safe when I go for my skydive?”

Short answer: It’s safe enough to have kept our company in business since 1984. Long answer: We believe the very existence of our dropzone speaks volumes. If skydiving were a dreadfully unsafe activity, you could bet that UK Parachuting and other skydiving companies would probably not be in business.  And the sport certainly wouldn’t have any sort of ongoing appeal to the general public. The risk would simply be too great, removing any up-side to owning a business.

Short answer: New technology and research has made skydiving equipment safer than ever. Long answer: The days of jumping surplus military gear are long over. Modern parachute equipment is very advanced, highly researched, and tested in conditions that far exceed the stresses it will endure on a normal jump.

UK Parachuting only purchases the best tandem systems available on the market. Every rig has a main parachute, resere parachute, Automatic Activation Device (a small computer that initiates reserve deployment if the user is unable to do so manually), and the containers are well cared-for. Our gear fleet is maintained by an BPA Advanced Rigger, inspected multiple times per year, and taken immediately out of rotation if maintenance is needed. It’s no small investment, but it’s one we are happy to make year after year. We absolutely will not cut corners when it comes to equipment.