UK Parachuting has teamed up with Bodyflight Bedford to promote, and sell indoor skydiving vouchers. We welcome all ages and you can start flying from the age of 5. Watch this space for details of the all new kidz club “Skydive Recruitz” which is coming your way soon.

UK Parachuting have just introduced tunnel vouchers for AFF Students and Formation Skydiving Coaching. We  will provide  you with your very own coach to help you through your AFF or work towards your FS 1 qualification. For more information see vouchers below or email tunnel@ukparachuting.co.uk

Bodyflight wind tunnel at a diameter of 5m (16.4ft) and a flight area/height of 8m (26.25ft), offers flyers real space to manoeuvre! Producing up to 4,000hp of airflow, its size, power and air quality is unrivalled. All types of flyers are welcome whether you’re a complete beginner or a world champion.
Bodyflight is a recirculation wind tunnel. Air is drawn up through the central flight chamber by the massive propeller at the top. The air passes the propeller and continues into the air returns; the hollow walls surrounding the flight chamber. The air travels all the way down to the base of the tunnel where it is directed back up again into the flight chamber.