April 30, 2015 Jude Wilson

Elite Freefly arrives at UK Parachuting

Elite Freefly

Killa and his team will be at the drop zone during 2015. Our all new freefly school has arrived at UK Parachuting

For more details on Elite Freefly check out the website www.elite-freefly.co.uk

email info@elite-freefly.co.uk for more details, or to book a coach

Adam ‘killa’ Mattacola – Team leader

Adam is a multiple world champion in both tunnel and sky. Known for coaching the coaches Adam is the top guy. He was a former team member of “Volare” for many years.

He has a unique style of coaching that pushes you hard with a progression so fast whilst at the same time laughing and joking. Adam travels around to many countries due to his knowledge of flying and organises and judges many competitions.

we guarentee with years of experience and coaching all skill levels he knows everything there is to know about flying.

Adam Dare

My name is Adam Dare. I have been skydiving since 2007 and have acquired nearly 2000 jumps, pretty much all of them are free flying and angle flying. I have been a tunnel instructor for 2 years. I compete for Great Britain in freely artisics. My team is Varial Freefly, we won the Bodyflight World Challenge dynamic competition last year. And i loooooovvvvvve going fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Broad

My name is Ben Broad and I am passionate about freeflying. I enjoy progressing as a team and also to progress others, I want to teach and share the skills I have learnt over the years, I have been coached myself from the best ‘Adam Mattacola’ I have competed at the Bodyflight World Challenge twice and placed 4th, once in the 4 way dynamic catagory and recently the 2 way freefly catagory in my current team ‘Floh Well’, I’ve competed in the British 4 way Vfs nationals and won silver, I will also be competing In future competitions and soon to train for the British Nationals 2 way artistics

Luke Warren

My name is Luke Warren I’m 20 years old and I love free flying. Started free flying with Adam Mattacola a couple years back and have loved it ever since. From then I have joined a team with Ben Broad named as ‘Floh well’ we finished 4th overall at the 2015 Bodyflight World Challenge which involved 3 disciplines. I am very keen to share all the knowledge I have gained with everyone and rip it up in the sky and tunnel!

Ged Parker 

FS & FF COACH/Tunnel Instructor –
Ged has been skydiving since 2005 and loves everything about the sport. He is currently FS1, FF1 and FF2 coach. Proud to be the first person to become a wind tunnel instructor at Bodyflight in Bedford and has been there since it opened in 2005 and now is Head of Bodyflight. Ged is also fluent in Italian. “Cieli blu”!

Planned Events for 2015.


  • Head Down Workshop with Killa 2nd to 4th
  • FF Coaching with Killa 13th – 14th
  • FF1 & FF2 Training with Killa 28th – 29th
  • Head Up Workshop with Killa 30th – 31st


  • Wing suiting with MACCA 5th-7th (FFCs, Coaching etc)
  • Second Aircraft 13th – 14th
  • BPA Tandem/AFF Instructors Course – Open for jumping all week 22nd – 26th
  • BPA Tandem Instructors Course – Open for jumping all week 29th – 3rd July


  • FF Coaching with Killa 1st – 2nd July
  • Ladies Head Down Record Build up 16th – 17th
  • Second Aircraft 18th – 19th
  • Ladies Head Down Record 18th – 19th
  • Sibson Boogie 27th to 2nd, 2 aircraft, helicopter,, Killa coaching all week


  • Head Up Record 19th – 20th