August 22, 2021 Susie Richards

Boogie Buzz

Sibson 50th Anniversary Boogie

Sibson 50th Anniversary Boogie may not have had the best weather but we made up for that with enthusiasm! Despite some weather holds here and there we managed to get through loads of tandems, AFF, club jumps, coaching, organised loads, Speed 6 competition and more. We had support from Jedi Airwear, PD, Cookie and Cypres and even had the legend that is John Hitchen on DZ control. The finale of the week was without a doubt the party on saturday night with live performaces from the band Winging It (made up of skydivers) and duo Stan (Stu and Ann). I have heard some people say it was the best party Sibson ever had and from one person the best party they ever went to! A massive THANK YOU to all the staff, club jumpers and some of their other halves (every single one of you) that make these events such a success. It was just fantastoc to see Sibson so buzzing again. Lets do it again next year!