March 8, 2015 Jude Wilson

April Events

We have Events happening all year and we will be posting them month by month to keep you all updated. Remember 1st April is the start of the BPA year so you will need BPA membership. UK Parachuting (Sibson) is also open Wednesday to Sunday (& all Bank Holidays) from 1st April. We are also offering £19 midweek flight tickets (Excluding Bank Holidays) throughout the month so come along and have some fun.

Here is a list of all the Events happening in April :

April (£19.00 Flight Tickets mid week – excluding Bank Holidays)

  • Open Wednesday through Sunday
  • Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th Helicopter  Jumps
  • Wingsuiting with Dave Butterell  and Rob Gray. Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th. Contact Dave Butterell for more details
  • Easter Monday 6th – Open
  • Club Tunnel Night @ Bodyflight,  10th all standards welcome from 8pm (To Register email tunnel@ukparachuting.co.uk)
  • Flight 1 course 11th – 12th
  • Second Aircraft 18th – 19th
  • Wing suiting with MACCA 17th-19th (FFCs, Organised loads, Flocking skills)
  • BPA Speed Roadshow 18th – 19th
  • FF1 & FF2 Training with Killa 23rd – 24th

For a full list of events for 2015. Click Here