February 23, 2017 Jude Wilson

A message for AFF students from your Chief Instructor

Hi Guys and Girls

Chris here, Just wanted to offer you those that need it that is the chance of a FREE REFRESH in March.

Now I know some of you will be or are already newly qualified but that doesn’t stop you guys coming along for the refresh too. Those of you that have been jumping in Beccles over the winter I’ll leave it up to you to decide, but remember we can never stop learning!!!! After March though there will be a nominal fee, normally £50 to do your refresh with even a follow out jump or repeat level that will be added to that cost.

So now that little bit is out of the way the season is fast approaching and we want you to carry on where you left off having fun, but above all (clouds included) being safe in freefall and under canopy.
We have another bumper year ahead of us with lots of events and functions planned so don’t miss out because you can’t be bothered or you think the weather forecast is rubbish  #dontbelievetheweatherman.com# We have already broken all records at Uk Parachuting Beccles for jumps done and aircraft loads in January and February of this year and those of you that have been jumping there already know that BOOM

That’s about it now folks for the time being so those that are planning on coming please email me and let me know your plans so I to can plan accordingly and make sure we have enough instructors on site at any given time…..

Regards as always