March 28, 2017 Jude Wilson

4 Way Skydiving

The BPA UK Skydiving League (UKSL) in Formation Skydiving and BPA Grand Prix in several other disciplines have meets throughout the season at Centres across the UK. The FS Grand Prix is called BPA UKSL because it’s linked with the European Skydiving League (ESL)

BPA UKSL and BPA Grand Pix meets are the ideal way to cut your teeth in competitions. Some of the meets have BPA Skills Coaching Roadshows for Non-Seniors at which top skydivers offer free-of-charge coaching – you just pay for your jumps – courtesy of the BPA. Other BPA Skills Coaching Roadshows take place as stand alone coaching events.

BPA’s aim is to encourage more members to take part in the excitement of competitive skydiving, and the skills development that goes with it. Many teams that have enjoyed the competitions experience in BPA UKSL or BPA Grand Prix go on to compete in the BPA Nationals.

What’s on where and when? See the diary of events.

And once you’re bitten by the competitions bug, there are European competitions such as the European Skydiving League (ESL) in Formation Skydiving, and World meets in all FAI/IPC disciplines: the World Cup and World Parachuting Championships (WPC).