June 3, 2020 Jude Wilson

When can I skydive?

Bookings being taken now

Time to JUMP

With lock down gently easing we are now looking forward to July and with great hope in returning to the skies. Our procedures are under review and you might experience some changes when you arrive, but that’s to be expected in our new normal world and is for everyone’s safety.

Our bookings team has continued to work throughout the last few months rescheduling bookings, arranging skydiving experience vouchers and booking in new jumps.

We would now encourage all those with ‘limbo’ dates to get in touch to re-book. Choose a date from mid July and we will reconfirm your jump booking.

If you are thinking of jumping this year – let’g get you booked in, it’s a £50 deposit to book in. A tandem skydive needs no experience, and almost anyone can jump. We are finding lots of people wanting to solo jump and we’ve put a video to this blog on how you could take a course of 18 jumps to gain a skydiving licence to jump anywhere in the world. Get in touch to find out more!   AFF Video

See you in the skies


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