July 12, 2018 Jude Wilson

What happens when you SKYDIVE?!

What is tandem skydiving

What happens when you skydive out of the plane?

This is such a difficult sensation over load to put into words! What its not like is a roller coaster, you know that tummy flipping, gut wrenching lurch of feeling.  Its very, very obvious that you are falling, and that the earth is getting very close… Very quickly!  (What is also very apparent is that if your instructor doesn’t pull the parachute soon you might not last much longer… but this just adds to the fun!)

And when the Parachute opens? 

Your first feeling might just be thank goodness I survived that! The whole thing is a sensory over load. The ride under canopy is startlingly peaceful, with time to look around at the views and process whats going on

Time to land (phew I hear you scream?)

We are never sure if this is relief its over, or gutted that the experience is about to come to an end. The big question:
HAVE YOU GOT THE BUG? For some people once is just never enough, that’s when we know we have a budding skydiver on our hands which is when the journey begins

The video below is from our Facebook page, its so difficult to encapsulate this subject in words, Danny, our

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Posted by UK Parachuting on Wednesday, 17 January 2018