FSU with Harry and Alabama

Who is FSU?
British indoor & outdoor, father & daughter skydiving team and event organizers with over 10 years of experience running events in the UK & Europe.
What can people expect on the day? What will be covered?
*FSU Freefly & Angle ( you choose, Boogie or Skills Camp)
*Open to ALL LEVELS as long as you have your stickers we’re ready to rock and roll!
*We will be working in groups of 4+ depending on skill levels, working on bringing out the inner awesome. This will change through the day according to people’s ability, hopefully towards the end of the day working in larger groups for some big way AWESOMENESS!!
*Freefly Friendly Kit
*At least 1 Audible, 2 if you have FF2 or TR2.
Preferably we would like people who can commit to attend the whole event, so the full 2 or 3 days depending on the lenght of this event. This will allow you to get the most out of the coaching as the groups will have continuity. If you can’t attend the full event and still want to register, please email ops@ukparachuting.co.uk and you will be put on a standby list, as jumpers who can commit to the whole event will have priority.
To register please contact Steve Taylor ops@ukparachuting.co.uk
Registration fee: £40 per day (You will be sent banking details upon registering. Paid registration fee, secures your spot.)
Slot rate: £28 (15K)
Contact: ops@ukparachuting.co.uk