July 6, 2017 Jude Wilson

Congratulations guys you are now Tandem Instructors

Well done to Max and Andy on passing with flying colours you British Parachute Association tandem instructors course, you all may remember these two guys if you have already jumped with us and had the experience filmed as they were probably sitting in front of you snapping away with their cameras.

Criteria for the course can be found below:

To become a Tandem Instructor, the candidate must fulfil all the requirements of a Tandem Instructor Course authorised by BPA.

Requirements to attend:


5.1.1.      At least a Category System Basic Instructor, a Tandem Basic Instructor or Accelerated Free Fall Basic Instructor.


5.1.2.      A minimum of 800 descents and 8 hours of free fall time.


5.1.3.      A written recommendation by the candidate’s CI.


5.1.4.  Holds a current ‘Tandem Parachute Instructor Medical Certificate/Doctor’s Certificate’. (BPA Form 116)


5.1.5.      Has completed a minimum of 50 descents in the previous 12 months.


5.1.6.      Has made a descent acting as a Student Tandem Parachutist within the Tandem Basic Instructor probationary period. CSIs or AFFIs within the previous 6 months


5.1.7.          Has read and is fully familiar with the Tandem Equipment Manual applicable to the Tandem Equipment he/she is to be evaluated on.


5.1.8.      Knows how to pack the main parachute of the Tandem Equipment (as per the     Manufacturer’s Manual) and is documented to do so.


5.1.9.      Completed and fulfilled the requirements of the BPA TI Proficiency Card (BPA Form 254e).