March 12, 2017 Jude Wilson

Answers to common questions about photos and videos:

Can I decide to add video the day of my jump?

Yes. If you have not already selected multimedia when you made your reservation, you will have an opportunity to add a package during your registration. A videographer will need to be assigned to you when we are organizing plane loads, so we will ask you to  decide before we escort you to the hangar to be geared up.

Can I bring my own camera?

No (sorry)! It’s a British Parachute Association rule that you cannot carry any kind of camera on a skydive until you are a licensed jumper who has made at least 200 jumps. So, phones, tablets, small sports cameras, anything that records media won’t be allowed.

Can my group share a photographer?

We are happy to take pictures of you together on the ground, but a photographer can only accompany one person on an actual skydive. They leave the plane with you so they record your jump, so they are not able to fly back and forth between multiple people in freefall. Each tandem jumper will have separation from others in freefall for safety.

How many photos will I get?

With our stills Package you will receive 35 to 50 high resolution digital photos.  Your photographer will take photos before, during, and after your jump so you have memories of the entire experience.

What will the video be like?

There will be a pre-jump interview, footage in the airplane, your freefall, your parachute landing, and a post-jump interview with your first thoughts when you land on the ground.

When can I see my photos and video?

Your video footage is edited together to showcase your jump experience. Your high definition digital media will be posted to you after you’re skydive. Should take no longer than 1 week to get to you.