AFF LEVEL 1 Course – with UK Parachuting

If you are really serious about becoming a skydiver, the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course is the course for you. It’s the fast-track route to becoming a British Skydiving ‘Category 8′ Qualified Solo Skydiver. This is our most intensive course, so you will be in a group of no more than four students, ensuring individual attention. The programme is termed ‘Accelerated’ because the learning process is three to five times faster than alternative training systems – sorry, you don’t fall faster! To achieve this, AFF instructors accompany you in free fall and provide direct tuition during each 50 second skydive, assessing and improving your performance moment by moment, giving you both time and help to gain confidence and overcome any fears.
Our highly qualified AFF skydiving instructors will guide you through a minimum of six hours ground training, covering all you need to know in order to successfully complete your skydive.
We also offer accommodation on site whilst you learn to skydive at just £5 per night. Ask for further details jump@ukparachuting.co.uk
When your instructors are happy with your performance on the ground, you will make your Level 1 skydive from 13,000 feet with two instructors holding on to you. They continue to teach you during free fall by using a system of hand signals, as direct in-air instruction is the most effective way to learn to skydive. So that we can also help you after your parachute is open, you will wear a radio. After every AFF jump, a comprehensive debrief takes place with your instructors, followed by additional training both to improve skills learned already and add those required for the next jump.
With the maximum amount of time in free fall, and the very best instructors at your side (these guys have logged over 5,000 skydives each) you’ll get the ultimate experience.
Once you’ve deployed your own parachute (yes, on your first jump!) you’ll fly it safely back to the landing area yourself and meet your instructors for debriefing and lots of congratulations.
Just £50.00 will secure your place.The balance of payment will be due on the day of your skydive. If you are looking to purchase a flexable voucher, that is valid for 12 months, please Click Here
This jump offers you the ultimate in skydiving experiences and the biggest sense of achievement available! Are you up for the challenge?!
The minimum age is 16 (under 16’s why not try Indoor Skydiving Click Here for more details)
From 7th April 2017 over 40’s do not require a medical form signed by the doctor, the new form can be downloaded here
Male weight limit 15.7 stone or 99kgs, Female 14 stone 89kgs.
If you have doubts about your fitness to do a tandem jump, please discuss this with your doctor. They should read this form before giving the advice.
Please note that due to our governing body British Skydiving we are unable to train AFF students that are aged 50 yrs or older there may be exceptions to this rule for clarification please email jump@ukparachuting.co.uk