UK Parachuting Reviews

4.97 average rating from 270 reviews

Dom Taylor

November 20 2017

Great experience, loved every second and knew from the moment we walked in you were in very safe hands. Rick, you’re a star, you doubled the fun!

Maximus Wright

November 19 2017

Value for money and will defiantly be going again next year to use my discount voucher they gave me.

Steve Bradwell

November 17 2017

Amazing experience last weekend 🛩 thank you to Rick for keeping me alive and James for the video 😊 Well run operation and a great bunch of guys n gals at UK Parachuting in Beccles. Well recommended Go on, you know you want to… 😃

Jessica Williams

November 15 2017

Best experience of my life! First ever skydive and could not have asked for a beter team who made it happen! Such friendly and helpful group of staff!! Anyone looking to do a skydive, could not suggest this team of people anymore! I definately walked away with a huge smile on my face, Thank you again UK Parachuting for a incredible experience.


November 13 2017

I did my first tandem skydive today, my trainer was Rick, he was absolutely fantastic and put me at ease straight away, he was so chatty and friendly, and made the whole experience fun. The whole staff were lovely and so helpful. It was an amazing experience made even better by Rick.

Andrew Conway-Lewis

November 11 2017

Excellent day, all the guys loved it, thanks to your staff and Ric my tandem buddy!

Sian Roberts

November 10 2017

What a fantastic feeling of falling through the skies at 120mph total freedom, thanks to Yo my tandem instructor great job and what a funny day had by all. You will be seeing me again.

Dave Alexander

November 8 2017

Just done my AFF level one today what a buzz great staff great tuition and absolutely great skydive have signed up for the rest of the course should have this in the bag by the end of this month, once again thanks guys.

Andrew Humphreys

November 6 2017

Great club, have looked after meand trained me wll at Beccles and Sibson. Thanks guys and girls.

Samantha Roscoe

November 4 2017


Beverley Maston

November 3 2017

One of the best things I have every done. Everyone at UK Parachuting were so friendly and professional, you really felt you were in good hands which is probably why I didn’t feel frightened about the prospect of throwing myself out of a plane. I think I have the bug and definitely want to do it again and maybe work towards a solo jump, now that really does sound scary. Thank you UK Parachuting.

Arturas Kudriasovas

November 2 2017

Did my tandem skydive on my 25th birthday. It was awesome. The staff are super friendly. The way the briefing was run is great and it wasn’t long but however informative and fun. Looking forward to come back and definitely recommend others to visit

Danielle Cutmore

November 1 2017

I skydived today for charity and was so scared! However the staff were great especially my instructor James he was amazing i could’nt have wished for a better instructor so thank you so much to him for making it a positive experience for me.

Kevin Mervin

October 31 2017

Wake up at 5am, drive 2 and a half hours, thinking I am crazy doing this…..but loved it….all staff professional and relaxed and the experienced jumpers were friendly and assured me I would love the jump….best buzz you will ever get…

Josh Bartlet

October 29 2017

Just done my first tandem skydive today what a buzz, thank you to all the staff felt relaxed throughout the whole process from checking in through the detailed brief and the skydive was just awesome, you will be seeing me again very soon.

Beverley Winchester

October 28 2017

What can i say but wow! We had such a great day out, the whole process from bookng in through the briefing to the actual skydive was absolutely fantastic, thanks to Max my tandem instructor who looked after me througho9ut the whole process. Good work guys i will be back.


October 26 2017

As if already been there before my nerves weren’t as bad but having Yolanda as my instructor got rid of any nerves I had left. She was fabulous which made the whole experience fabulous. Everyone cracked a few jokes and made you feel at ease. Would recommend these to anyone who’s interested in tandem skydiving. Definitely a must!! Thank you guys for a fab time xx

Julie Withers

October 25 2017

This was an amazing opportunity I loved it and everything was very professional my tandem instructor was great and very knowlagable my family all watched from the side line so this was also great

Jo Gardner

October 24 2017

Very experienced and professional tandem instructors. My instructor for my jump was Rich who put me at ease from start to finish. Will be going back for more very soon.


October 20 2017

I bought the tandem skydive for my boyfriends 30th birthday as a surprise present and it was the most amazing experience! Rick was my instructor and he made me feel so much better about jumping as I was SO nervous! Adams/Alan’s instructor was James (we think) and he was so much fun! The skydive itself was unbelievable but the staff made the whole experience what it was. So funny and comforting and so relieved when my feet touched the ground!! Thank you so much for such an exhilarating experience!

Jade Watson

October 19 2017

The ladies and gents here are fantstic! I highly recommend them and thank you for such an amazing experience!

Dilly Bude

October 17 2017

What a fantastic first ever tandem skydive experience at Beccles airfield! All the staff we met on the day were very friendly and accommodating. I jumped with Rich, he was so kind and made me feel completely at ease, especially with the fun and friendly banter, which certainly helped to ease the nerves! Dan the camera chap was great too. I will certainly be jumping again next year! Thanks so very much for the awesome experience!

Ben Coleman

October 16 2017

We were so well looked after, made to feel so safe, the instructors have such good humour, great experience, you feel in very safe hands for a terrific life-changing experience

Paul Cairns

October 16 2017

Had an awesome jump with an awesome instructor! Kept me totally at ease the whole time, proper professionals doing a proper job. Loved it! Definitely going to go again

Helen Brown

October 14 2017

Your staff are great from booking in the reception to the training in the hanger, the freefall is just spectaculer thanks guys great job keep it up.

Anja Grau

October 14 2017

I loved my experience with UK Parachute. Jumping for charity was definitely an experience, i will never forget. Xx

Vanessa Santomauro

October 12 2017

AMAZEBALLS!! Rick was my instructor on my first ever jump – loved it. These guys know their stuff, put you at ease and the views are stunning. You can’t improve on protection – thanks Rick.

Gaz Markie

October 10 2017

First time at a tandem skydive which we did for charity. All fears and nerves were put aside by a great briefing from one of the instructors…meant that could relax and actually enjoy it. Camera crew was great as was my tandem instructor, Mark. If anyone has any reservations about doing this…just do it. You’ll want to go back up straight away!

Simon Edwards

October 8 2017

Wow amazing , didn’t no I was doing it until I arrived ! Had an awesome experience thanks to a very professional team . Big shout out to RICK my tandem partner superb m8 once again thanks buddy c u next time 👍👍👍

Joe Lee

October 6 2017

Zach my son went twice tandom and I went once .my buddy if that’s the correct temanology was called James who made me feel safe and welcome. We both had a great time and experience. It all seemned very professional

Victoria Vait

October 4 2017

Words can’t describe how mind blowing the experience was… the staff were absolutely great, fun, funny and very welcoming. I didn’t even have the chance to be scared with all their banter. Love love loved it!!!!

Suleiman Muhammad

October 2 2017

Love it great day great guys and great experience.

Georgina Smith

October 2 2017

I had my first ever tandem experience today as a surprise for my birthday! It was absolutely brilliant and my instructor James was amazing and made the experience! Will definitely be returning here!! Also the filming team were great and amazing at what they do!

Raks Khetani

October 1 2017

Just completed my TandemSkydive, amazing experience once in a lifetime, would do it all over again. Training was explained properly as well as in mid air by the instructor who tells you what to do. Would recommend UK Parachuting!!

Shaun L

September 29 2017

I had never done anything like this before. The team could not have been more patient and accommodating, so much so that I only had less than a second of panic before the jump! Experience of a lifetime. Thanks to Rick who I jumped with, who was perfect – highly recommended!

Tony Wilkins

September 28 2017

Everyone was just amazing which lead to and amazing experience. Sorry to say it but they where just amazing amazing amazing and we are going to be back there again

Sarah Gathercole

September 26 2017

I totally loved my 1st ever parachute jump for charity with 3 other girls from wotk! Amazing staff, James my instructor was fantastic!! I was very nervous and from the start to finish he made my experience much easier with his great witty sense of humour! All staff were lovey and friendly, will definitely be back.

Andy Rapo

September 25 2017

Great experience today. Thanks to everyone and my instructors who assisted me to complete my AFF level 1. Very impressed with the training that kept me safe.

Joanne Derrick

September 23 2017

Loved every minute! The staff are great! Big shout out to Phil!! I had the best time & will be back for sure. Thank you so so much for the amazing experience.

Robyn Turner

September 21 2017

Completed a skydive for the first time today. Would not go anywhere else. These guys were absolutely excellent from the registration to up in the plane. No waiting around was straight up. I was with Richard who made feel as ease the whole time as i was a little bit nervous to start with. Very friendly but also very professional did not feel scared at all. Would definitely recommend Richard and UK parachuting if you want to do a skydive.. would love to do it all over again. Thank you so much!!!

Angie Bloomfield

September 20 2017

Yesterday i did my first tandem skydive, for East Anglian Children’s Hospice and when it came to the training it was explained really well i was nervous and Rick my instructor was really good and he made me feel at ease and the view was amazing I would love to do it again and would recommend  it, and would like to say thank you to Rick for looking after me so well.

Kasey Edwards

September 19 2017

The most amazing experience of my life… the staff were brilliant and my instructor Steve was defiantly a 10/10… he gave all the relevant information needed to take part in a successful skydive and made the skydive memorable by filming my dive with a camera on his wrist. He was able to capture my freefall and skydive on, which I purchased and am able to keep for memory sake. I will never forget this experience and will go on about it for years to come I’m sure! It was an amazing opportunity and even better that myself and best friend were able to raise money for our chosen charity at the same time! Amazing experience I would highly recommend it…

Dave Ford

September 18 2017

One of the best things I’ve ever done, would totally recommend a tandem skydive to anyone, really good setup and very friendly staff and a special thanks to James aka Dave my dive instructor and Dave the cameraman for making me feel at ease

Cuffey Boy

September 17 2017

Absolutely the best place to do a parachute jump. Extremely well organised and the staff and instructions are brilliant. Thanks for looking after the four of us guys. From the lively Essex boys!

Oliver Keen

September 16 2017

My first ever skydive and it couldn’t have been at a better experience. Everyone was up for a joke while still being really helpful and reassuring. Never felt nervous with my tandem buddy Rich (you’re a legend dude). The guys there are easy to chat to and I had no unnecessary hanging around. I chose to have my experience filmed and it was a brilliant video with great quality stills. Would recommend this venue and group of people to anyone I know- which I already have done. Definitely planning to go back.



Karen New

September 16 2017

Thank you to everyone at UK Parachuting in Beccles. I woke up this morning and knew that today would be the day. Thank you for helping me overcome my fears. It was amazing and I hope to see you all again soon!

Nickie Wright

September 15 2017

Had such a wonderful time doing a charity tandem skydive! Big thank you to Rich who made the experience so fun and made me feel safe every step of the way. Would highly recommend and I’m even looking into when to come again.

Ella,Daisy and Poppy

September 13 2017

 We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our Tandem Skydives for YPCS last Saturday. Throughout the event, we felt very reassured by the impressive organisation, professionalism and instruction. Equally, the elements of humour present were especially welcome.

Thank you to our Instructors to whom we are extremely grateful to, for our thrilling (and safe) descents!

We will definitely recommend the experience to others.

Kind regards,

Ella, Daisy and Poppy

Donna Agent

September 11 2017

Wow, what can I say? The staff and instructors are all so friendly and welcoming, funny too! Made me feel at ease and any nerves soon started to wilt away. I done a tandem sky dive for Connects & Co who support young carers in Norfolk. My instructor, Rick, was a top bloke!! He’s enthusiast, excited, friendly approach made the dive even better. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone! Just do it!! Don’t think about it!! You won’t be disappointed!

Lettice Bryant

September 9 2017

10 of us visited UK Parachuting today to complete tandem sky dives for charity. I went with 7 last year for the same purpose so this was a second jump, and what an experience it was! After jumping last year I didn’t think it could be any better but I was wrong, the second time was even more exciting and fun if that’s even possible! The staff and camera dudes are awesome, they put you at ease if you are feeling nervous and have banter if you are excited. Very professional but know how to give you an amazing experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone, wether it’s a first time or you’ve jumped before elsewhere, this is 100% something everyone must do and particularly great with this company! Steve my instructor was brilliant and the others I were with couldn’t speak highly enough of theirs too! See you next year UK Parachuting

Danny Robinson

September 6 2017

so fun! would do it again. great views and help from the team. felt very safe and taken care of thank you.

Shannon Clarey

September 5 2017

The staff at UK Parachuting were very friendly and helpful. They were incredibly supportive the whole time too. Thank you!

Mafalda Barreto

September 4 2017

Just want to say that I had such an amazing experience yesterday. Great set up at the airfield although of course the beautiful weather did help us immensely.
The instructors and camera guys were all so friendly and so professional too.

Gemma Dolan

September 3 2017

I bought a tandem sky dive for my boyfriend and also agreed that I would do one too! The experience was amazing. Following a morning of nerves and anxiety, the instructors make you feel so at ease with their laughing and joking that you forget what you were worried about and just feel excited to jump!! They provide really clear instructions and lots of reassurance around safety, it’s a very professional set-up. Rick and Tim, the instructors, were brilliant. They made the whole experience so enjoyable and fun. The free-fall is incredible and such a blur, with beautiful views of Suffolk once the parachute is deployed. All in all, a really unique experience!

Abi Bustin

September 2 2017

I did a tandem parachute jump today, I was pretty nervous and apprehensive but my amazing instructor Yolanda was so calm and knowledgeable, she definitely put me at ease! Such an incredible experience! Highly recommend!

Lauren Davies

September 1 2017

I wanted to thank you for the most wonderful thing I have ever done! I jumped last Friday morning and hoped that you might be able to pass on my thanks to the man I jumped with and the photographer – they were fantastic. Such an amazing experience – thank you!

Sharan Hollis

August 31 2017

Just wanted to say that I had the best day EVER yesterday. I still can’t believe I jumped out of a plane!!!!
What an absolutely amazing place you all work in. Everyone was fantastic, from booking in at reception right through til the end.
You are all totally awesome
Thank you all for such special memories. Can’t wait for photos and video
Keep up the good work

Andrew Edge

August 30 2017

Had a great time, all staff are friendly and helpful, special thanks to Rich , my instructor who was very professional and made my first jump memorable.

Scott Roberts

August 29 2017

Completed my AFF level 1, experience of a lifetime, with such professional and friendly staff. Huge thanks to Yo, Rich and Ric, as well as all instructors and fun jumpers who made me feel like I had been there for years. Still buzzing!


August 28 2017

Jumped this morning with Rick. Great guy, great instructor! Everything went very smoothly from the moment I arrived till the moment we landed. Can’t wait to jump again.

Paul Cairns

August 26 2017

Had an awesome jump with an awesome instructor! Kept me totally at ease the whole time, proper professionals doing a proper job. Loved it! Definitely going to go again

Jody Coppell

August 24 2017

Having finally gotten over the shock and adrenaline come down, Wow – what can I say, this was NOT on my bucket list! I was absolutely terrified and there was a moment I didn’t think I’d be getting in the plane. But the instructors were fantastic, especially my tandem partner James. They kept the mood light and fun, even though I’d lost my sense of humour. We were briefed on arrival, kitted out, checked over and checked over again. I felt very safe and looked after. I was last to get on the plane and knew that only meant one thing – I was going out first. On reflection I’m glad, as I’m not sure I could have done it otherwise. Evidently a bundle of nerves, James talked to me the whole way up, briefed me again and kept me breathing. When we were up to height and the door opened it happened so fast that I didn’t really have time to think about it, another plus. And then we were free falling, it felt like forever. I finally relaxed and started to enjoy it once the chute (and my eyes) opened and I could take it all in. James did a few tricks after asking me if I liked fairground rides. That was pretty cool! The landing was smooth and easy and I never felt happier to have my butt touch down. Thank you once again to all the staff at UK Parachuting Beccles, you were ace. Oh and we raised a few quid too!

Mark & Tanya Saunders

August 23 2017


After our tandem jumps yesterday we would both like to express our gratitude to all your team at sibson for making the whole visit a very professional but at the same time relaxed and enjoyable we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and will without doubt visit again BRAVO to a unique set of people

Jess Talbot

August 21 2017

Absolutely fantastic jump done my tandem skydive with Rick he made it amazing so much fun roll on the next one….

Kris Knell

August 20 2017

Jumped this morning with Rick. Great guy, great instructor! Everything went very smoothly from the moment I arrived till the moment we landed. Can’t wait to jump again.

Ann Mann

August 18 2017

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day yesterday. (Thursday)Everyone was very incouraging and made us feel relaxed.
Thanks once again
Kind regards
Ann Mann

Mufaddal Zoeb

August 17 2017

Amazing!!! What a team of professionals, and fun people! Special thanks to Rich, it was great jumping with you. See you again soon.

Gemma Shearing

August 16 2017

I done a skydive for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and it was amazing the views were unreal i would recommend it to anyone. It was my first ever time in a plane and the guys there were brilliant. My instructor Nadar was brilliant and my camerman James was amazing and pictures and video i received after are wonderful memories i will be able to keep for a long time.

Chloe Townsend

August 15 2017

AMAZING EXPERIENCE Gad a fantastic time and really thankful to have an amazing Skydive Instructor!

Tasha Chilton

August 14 2017

On Sunday, 12th August I did a tandem skydive with UK Parachuting and the whole experience from beginning to end was incredible! Checking in was easy and efficient and in about 2 hours I was on the plane ready to jump! Rick was my instructor and I cannot stress how brilliant he is; completely professional as well as fun, and made the experience one to remember. Thankyou!
Cal also did the professional footage of the skydive and having just received these in the post, I am really impressed with the photos and video.
The whole team I met were really enthusiastic and it was such a brilliant day.

Charity Skydive (Ruth)

August 13 2017

From the minute I booked until I landed on the ground I felt fully updated and informed about my skydive.

My instructor was the main attraction for me – he was incredible, could obviously see I was nervous and completely reassured me. I felt 110% at ease with him & if it wasn’t for how safe he made me feel I don’t know if I would have done it.

The jump out the plan was an incredible feeling, the free falling through the clouds was also good – until the parachute was deployed and my harness felt like it ripped my skin and I eventually vomited everywhere even all over my instructor – I felt so rough and in pain with my legs I never fully got to thank my instructor…. I think his name was Phil?! I’m not 100% but thankyou so much.

Craig Lovett

August 11 2017

My partner surprised me with a skydive the night before so I didn’t have long to prepare myself, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It was an amazing experience and something I would love to do again. My tandem partner rick was brilliant, very calming and reassuring.
My only little issue was that I felt a bit quezzy on the way down when the parachute was deployed , this may have nothing to do with the jump itself, it may have been something I had been doing wrong or skydiving just doesn’t agree with me lol!

Pauline Collins

August 10 2017

Absolutely brilliant. Rick was my tandem instructor and he was amazing. Made me feel so safe and informed the whole time. Fantastic dive and landing. Thoroughly recommend

Birthday Skydive

August 9 2017

A totally amazing and invigorating experience. I’m not sure I’ve come down to earth! Rick was a superb instructor. Experience exceeded all expectations.

Michelle Bentley

August 5 2017

WOW! What an amazing experience…the team were fab from start to finish, they made you feel at ease and explained everything thoroughly and well organised. A great experience from start to end but it all goes by too quickly! Would definitely recommend this to anyone that maybe thinking about doing a tandem skydive! I am sure I will return again one day for another Jump!!

Jon ODowell

August 3 2017

Got a tandem skydive for my 40th birthday. The organisation and communication ahead of the day was excellent. Upon arrival the coordination was simple and slick.
The atmosphere was friendly and relaxing which helped a group of first timers. My buddy, Rick, did a great job ensuring that I knew what was expected several times so that there were no questions and no panic. Safety was paramount which calmed several nerves in the group quickly.
The jump itself was a phenomenal experience – fully recommend it and will treasure my first jump. They kept it simple so that I was safe relaxed and could enjoy the experience.
My family had a great experience too being close to the action and able to interact in the preparation and post jump.
I bought the photo & video package. It arrived within 4 days. It is value for money to capture the first jump and would recommend.
Big thanks to the whole team and fully recommend the site to share further jump experiences.

Tracey Shelton

August 2 2017

I don’t think words can describe my tandem skydive last week. The process from start to finish was easy and well organised. My instructor Andy (Pagey) was great, he gave clear instructions to all of us who were doing tandem jumps and gave me information on the way up and got me back down to earth safely. He even let me steer the parachute which was great. Cameraman Dave was amazing, explaining what was happening around me while we were waiting, having a chat and keeping things relaxed before the big moment. He’s an absolute credit to the team here, just the kind of person to keep you calm when you think the nerves are going to get the better of you. The video footage and photos captured were top quality, everyone has commented on them, well worth the extra if you can afford it. I cannot wait to come back, I have now booked two more dates for tandem and might get some more info on the AFF course, in one skydive I literally think I have the bug! I’m just so sorry it took me so long to get over the fear of booking it. Would 100% recommend to anyone who’s thinking about it. You won’t regret it.

Ryan Hollis

July 31 2017

Absolutely great! easy to check in, easy to arrange video/photography, and very simple and streight forward set up. and the actual skydive AMAZING! unlike anything i have ever done before, and would happily get streight back up and go again, Rick was my instructor, a very friendly bloke, was very cool and insured I was safe and answered any questions. Big up to the whole team at UK Parachiting, Especially Rick for keeping me alive and happy, and Sam for filming it!

Tracey Sinclair

July 29 2017

I don’t think words can describe my tandem skydive last week. The process from start to finish was easy and well organised. My instructor Andy (Pagey) was great, he gave clear instructions to all of us who were doing tandem jumps and gave me information on the way up and got me back down to earth safely. He even let me steer the parachute which was great. Cameraman Dave was amazing, explaining what was happening around me while we were waiting, having a chat and keeping things relaxed before the big moment. He’s an absolute credit to the team here, just the kind of person to keep you calm when you think the nerves are going to get the better of you. The video footage and photos captured were top quality, everyone has commented on them, well worth the extra if you can afford it. I cannot wait to come back, I have now booked two more dates for tandem and might get some more info on the AFF course, in one skydive I literally think I have the bug! I’m just so sorry it took me so long to get over the fear of booking it. Would 100% recommend to anyone who’s thinking about it. You won’t regret it.

James Walker

July 25 2017

This was my first jump and I was nervous but the guys at UK Parachuting were super relaxed and fun and put me at my ease. The jump was an awesome experience. A superb day!

Wayne Peters

July 24 2017

I had been wanting to do this for many years so bit the bullet and decided as a 50th bucket list pressie. I was not disappointed, the whole experience from start to finish amazing, incredible, mind blowing. On arrival you check in hand over the forms and then wait in excitement for your call. I met my tandem buddy (Rick) who when looking at me (maximum weight) said this is going to be fast. I had arranged for the experience to be filmed and in my opinion well worth it. In all the excitement I think my camera man was (John). You attend the hanger to get your safety brief and kitted out. The family are able to watch, take photo’s there is a cafe that you can get hot/cold food & drinks just a few minutes walk from the parachute centre. On boarding the aircraft the crew are talking with you, having a laugh and joke very relaxed atmosphere. The exit was absolutely incredible a sunny clear day 2 1/2 miles up the view up and down the coast was wow. I didn’t even consider looking down as was so excited. The fear I expected never turned up and I can only think it’s because my mind couldn’t take in the distance to the ground. The free fall (Rick) was an expert in full control from start to finish. Once the canopy opened and we started the controlled decent we had time for a few stunts twists and turns (corkscrews) before coming in for a soft landing. If I was able to I would have been on to the next plane for another jump. An incredible amazing experience with my video and photos turning up a week later to relive the whole experience again and again. I will return with out a doubt. Thank you.

Sara Coleman

July 22 2017

Our daughter Victoria had her first parachute jump. She loved every second. Your staff were very informative, kind and considerate. Thank-you!!!!

Aston Clinton

July 21 2017

Absolutely brilliant. The guys were all great and put everyone at ease. Loads of fun banter. Would definitely recommend it to friends.

Joanne Rosenwold

July 19 2017

Would definitely recommend , the induction was excellent , everything was explained properly with q and a at the end , my instructor /jump buddy was fantastic let me know what was happening during the jump , felt safe the whole way from start to finish , would definitely do again fantastic experience! Thankyou for looking after me !

Melissa Frost

July 18 2017

WELL WE DID IT 😃😃😃 & it was f××king amazing though I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to do it again anytime soon, Jon on the other hand may have got the Buzz for it 😃😃😃 as long as he doesn’t do to many 360’s 😂😂😂
We wouldn’t of been able to do it without all your HELP so THANK YOU to everyone single one of you that has donated. ❤💙
Thank you to all the staff at UK parachuting you are all amazing & crazy for taking out a bunch of even more crazy people that haven’t got a clue what their doing to jump out of a plane at 10500 feet 😲😲😲
Thank you to Charlie from St. Nicholas Hospice Care for all your support, lovely emails & phone calls over the last few weeks your amazing & it was really lovely to meet you today & finally put a face to the name 😘😘😘
BUT don’t worry if you haven’t DONATED & wanted to because it’s not to late 😀😀😀 sponsors haven’t got to be in for another 4 weeks 😀😀😀 so PLEASE PLEASE KEEP SHARING & DONATING ❤💙 Our total at the moment is 🌟🌟🌟£913 00🌟🌟🌟which is pretty amazing but not quite our target but so close 😃😃😃 please visit our page or sponsor forms are still available ❤💙

Scott Davies

July 16 2017

I had the complete and best experience, on multiple occasions at different levels. The experience, dedication, professionalism and friendliness of the whole team every time was second to none!. I do not have words to explain how amazing AFF instructor Yo Lee is! Also AFF instructor Nad is just the best!! IF IN DOUBT, JUST DO IT…. YOU’LL BE IN THE SAFEST HANDS AND IT JUST MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE… IT DID MINE! (Have a great one!)

Kevin Fowler

July 14 2017

I jumped for charity on the 13th July 2017 and was partnered by Nada. He was an excellent buddy for my experience and was clear in his instruction. This must be a must for everyone and a must for the bucket list. Don’t let nerves rob you of the chance to experience this I will most certainly be back for another go. I Loved it and at aged 61 it shows that even oldies can do it.
Thanks to everyone at UK Parachuting BECCLES for this making this possible.

Arlene Colly

July 13 2017

Streamlined process, before I knew it I was in the air. I was part of a group of ex WRAF, 75 of us jumping on the same day at different locations throughout the UK. An amazing experience for us all. A huge gigantic thank you to Mark King and Richie Parker, the ultimate professionals, well done lads!

Fern Edridge

July 12 2017

It is a fantastic experience and a truely amazing view at 13000 feet. Take the plunge you will not regret it.

Kayleigh Freeman

July 11 2017

Such an amazing experience, would do it again! The staff were so lovely and made me feel really at ease and safe, especially Rick, who was a brilliant instructor!

Amanda Latitul

July 9 2017

The process to do the skydiving is really smooth, the staff is really friendly and Yolanda, the instructor is the best! Making the whole experience a memorable one as my friends and I do the jump as a celebration for finishing our degree life. Definitely recommended and I might do this again!

Nicky Hurley

July 7 2017

My husband and daughter booked to go and I was gonna watch, so on the way there they sprang it on me that I was going to do jump, must admit I was a bit taken back but in for a Penny and all that.

The place and the staff are professional 10/10. All the kit was given to us, it wasn’t complicate and the instructor made me feel completely confident and safe with what was going to do happen.

So off I went up in a small plane with my husband and daughter and our instructors, kit on strapped to my instructor goggles on and out I went.
What a thrill, never done anything like it before AMAZING!!!
Took a moment to catch my breath and then you start to see why people do it, you are flying, think I was free falling for about 10 seconds then off you go up when the parachute opens, the view is spectacular and the sense of stillness and quite is breathtaking, you are a bird and as my instructor said when you look at that view you can see why birds sing.
And then you land.
Yes it’s over very quickly but it is so worth it.

I loved it!!!!!!!

Out of This World, can’t believe it took me 25 years to do one.

July 6 2017

25 years ago I said I was going to do a Parachute Jump after doing a Bungee Jump, on the 5th July I finally did it, UK Parachuting at Beccles was the site and I cannot thank all the staff enough for letting me achieve my dream. From booking to the actual jump itself was so so easy and pain free, from the initial phone call to book to the excellent induction coarse on how to exit the plane and land safely was all done with professionalism and plain explanation. I would also like to say Thanks to Richard (I think that was his name) who was my instructor, First Class and put me at ease.
UK Parachuting I would recommend you to anyone.

Vini New

July 4 2017

Hello All,
Wow, wow, wow! Awesome, incredible, unforgettable!
A huge thank you to all those of you that helped us have such an incredible day on Saturday.
Especially to our friendly and funny instructors and camera people who helped and looked after us during our amazing Skydive experience!
We are still on a complete high from it and all just want to jump again! Now!
So we hope to see you all again soon,
Vini, Suzy, Mei, Jenny and Jackie.😀 x

Kirk Robinson

July 3 2017

From the nervousness of climbing 13,000ft to the exhilarating decent of 13,000ft, loved every second of it. My instructor J Thompson was spot on, I can’t thank him and the team enough. I am now looking at booking another jump for as soon as possible.

Tim Mason

July 2 2017

Great set up, slick management and very professional. Friendly staff who can’t do enough. I would recommend to all who fancy a great experience.

Sarah Day

July 2 2017

Did a Skydive here yesterday! It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! All the staff were brilliant and professional….. especially my tandem partner Ralph  Can’t wait to do it again Thank you.

Tracey Bennett

June 30 2017

It was Awesome!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it, the staff were really good and put your mind at rest. Very professional I would totally recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing a Skydive.

Elly Fielding

June 29 2017

I did a tandem skydive for my 21st birthday with Rich. He was extremely friendly and funny… The staff are all lovely, my mum and nan watched as spectators and said they also had great experience with some staff members that had a chat with them. Everything moved very efficiently and I had an amazing time. Also a big thank you to the person who filmed and took photos, the video and pictures came out amazingly. Also received this in the post the day after the skydive which is super fast. Thanks for making my birthday great!

Max Bradley

June 28 2017

My daughter has wished to do a skydive since she was 13 years old. Now just 16, she along with her brother, mum and dad have done it.
What an experience.
I have to say I can say UK Parachuting are very professional the way they went about their business from start to finish, and would recommend them to anyone.
Brilliant day down.

Si Morrissey

June 27 2017

Awesome experience, staff amazing. Would highly recommend jumping with them, I will be back to do it again. Many thanks.

Charity Jump for Macmillan

June 26 2017

I have decided to do a parachute jump for charity. Cancer is something which lots of us have been affected by, whether it be yourself, family or friends. I lost my mum to cancer 7 years ago and currently have two close friends fighting to get better due to it. Unfortunately even in this day and age there is yet to be a 100% cure. I have decided that the money raised will go to Macmillan Cancer Support who do a fantastic job of working with families close to the end and making the patient as comfortable as possible. My jump took place on Wednesday 24th June at 12pm in Beccles. I would highly recommend the team at UK Parachuting and had a brilliant experience from start to finish, even with some bad banter. Lol! What a brilliant experience that will be with my forever thanks to the Rick at U.K. Parachuting. Looking forward to booking with UK Parachuting next year for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Dee Bailey

June 25 2017

Just want to say thank you for the experience of jumping out of a perfectly good plane , something my friends and family could not quite fathom as being sane ! Special thanks to my tandem guy, Steve, or that could have been the photographer. Or neither of them as I’m a nightmare with names. You know who you are and I’m grateful for your help in adding to my year of living dangerously , I loved it and I will be back.

Renan Floutier

June 24 2017

A bunch of crazy pros!! You feel safe in their hands, go for it!

My 70th jump in my 70th Year

June 22 2017

Best experience of my life. Would recommend trying for yourselves with a most professional team at UK Parachuting.


June 21 2017

This is a MUST u need 2 do this at least once in ur life. I had the most amazing time & want 2 do it again & again. Thank u so much 4 making it such a wonderful experience


June 20 2017

Scary, brilliant, awesome and very wanna do it again. Staff are the best and help you feel at ease. Saving my pennies for another one.

Kim Hall

June 19 2017

My name is Kim Hall. My skydive for charity… Was the thing I always dreaded the most, so I thought I would do this to experience the unknown fear people with parkinson’s disease, and other diseases and illnesses, live with everyday. I spent 6 weeks at the beginning of 2016 progressively immobile, as Dr’s insisted I had sciatica.,when I had actually broken my hip, emergency MRI scans and other tests revealed nothing sinister, fortunately, but because my break had mended on a tilt I spent hours in theatre having it manipulated back into place and pinned. It gave me an insight, made me rethink life and led me to this skydive for parkinsons UK, I have to thank all staff for being the most lovely and professional people I have ever met. I think my instructor was called Gav, and Jamie videoed me you have made everything worthwhile, will be back!! You have all played a part in my journey and I can’t recommend this experience from UK parachuting highly enough xxx

John Greame

June 18 2017

I’ve wanted to do a sky dive for a very long time & when this opportunity came up I wasn’t disappointed. The team at Beccles were friendly & supportive through emails & a postponement to the complete process on the day. They have a system that is very thorough but works like clockwork. My instructor Tim made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen & did everything he could to dispel any fears during the flight to the drop zone. We were the first tandem to leave the plane & that happened so quickly I didn’t Have time to say OMG what have I done! The 7000 ft of free fall was absolutely amazing & came to a very abrupt end when the parachute opened. My only disappointment was that the parachute descent gave me bad motion sickness so I was glad when we landed. However the overall experience was excellent & I’d thoroughly recommend It & the Beccles team at UK Parachuting.

Angel White

June 16 2017

The best experience to date. It’s one of those “pinch me am I dreaming” moments, (I definitely wasn’t dreaming).

All the staff here at UK Parachuting were friendly and created an excited atmosphere which helped settle my nerves.

Richard was my instructor for the jump and I’m so glad he was. In the plane going up he was pointing out different places and keeping conversation. When it as my time to jump there were no nerves left which was surprising (originally I was nervous about hanging on the edge).

Once the free fall was over I got to really take in the views and start to process this amazing experience. Everyone should do this, I even got the chance to steer the parachute!

Thank you to everyone at UK Parachuting for an unforgettable experience and an extra thank you to Richard!


Wife’s Birthday Skydive

June 15 2017

No fuss happy people no hassell alround made you feel safe wouldent change a thing my wife loved it great experience from start to finish.

Tom Chaplin (Fantastic Vibe)

June 14 2017

Great place, my home DropZone never fails! I’ve been going here for over a year now and I have to say everyone is always helpful and friendly, I’ve never had any issues here; everyone gets on and is really friendly. Also a must for the bucket list!

Emily Wenborn

June 12 2017

Hello! 🙂 I did a tandem skydive at your centre yesterday, Saturday 11th of June.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody involved! Especially my instructor and camera man who made my day extra special (but who were they?). It was the best experience of my life!
I’m hoping to get my video and photos through the post soon which will be the icing on the cake. The whole experience has been unforgettable, indescribable and just simply amazing!
I’m already considering coming back again next year to do another skydive. Maybe even a solo jump!
Some would say I’m an adrenaline junkie, others would just say I’m crazy. Haha
Again, thank you all so much! I had an amazing day!

Miss Williams

June 11 2017

In one word, AWESOME. I was fortunate to be given the present of a tandem skydive for my birthday in April (I am 55 and beats the hell out of chocolates and jewellery). I decided to raise money for Dementia UK, a little thought of, but very well deserving charity. The whole team put you at ease from the time you arrive. My instructor was called Rich and he put me at ease, told me he had been doing this for 23 years, he even let me control the steering on the parachute. Fantastic all round experience and I am 99% certain that I will be back for another go. Thanks everyone

My Fall from the Top

June 9 2017

This was the most fun filled adrenaline rush I can imagine. The guys at UK parachuting make sure you have a great time, while being very professional. They explained everything as you go. Loved my time with them and would highly recommend them. If you have thought about trying skydiving these guys will see that you have the most memorable day. Tim made me feel confident and relaxed enhancing the whole experience. Thanks to all

Helena Baker

June 8 2017

This was the most amazing experience! The team at U.K. Parachuting in Beccles were wonderful. 6 if us did a tandem skydive for CRDN and they made something potentially terrifying into a fantastic day. I’m an amputee and could not have been more supported by my instructor Rich, cameraman and the rest of the crew. They were all incredibly friendly, endlessly kind and entertaining. I cannot wait to do this again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Terri Louise

June 7 2017

Myself and four colleagues booked to do a charity skydive with the team at Beccles raising money for Break #Changingyounglives.

The whole experience from start to finish was enjoyable from arriving and booking in to taking the leap and landing!! It has to be the best thing I have done to date.

Special thanks to Steve my instructor for easing my nerves, making me laugh, putting up with my screaming on the way out of the plane and getting me back on the ground safely!

I would recommend visiting the guys at Beccles over & over again! 10/10!

Craig Thompson

June 6 2017

I’d just like to thank you all at Beccles who made my husbands birthday surprise sky drive a day to remember. We received the USB stick today and watched it numerous of times.
The team were so friendly and helpful, Rick the instructor was fantastic he
put myself and Craig at ease. The footage was amazing.
Thank you

Shelley & Craig Thomson

Matthew Woodley

June 4 2017

Had a brilliant time and such a laugh with all the crew! Made it a fantastic day to remember! 100% recommended it! Booking my next one in a few weeks !!

Joanne Seagrass

June 3 2017

An awesome experience which was enhanced by friendly staff, my tandem trainer was Tim who was knowledgeable, friendly and worked hard to keep me relaxed, I will definitely be doing it again and I’m happy to return to see the same team, also a good viewing area for family and friends and no one rushed us to move on so we were able to watch the second plane of jumpers do their skydive

Gloria Chenny

June 2 2017

It was everything I was expecting, and more! the instructors were very friendly and reassuring – explaining everything with patience and making sure we understand what will happen before, during and after the jump. Will definitely go again!

David Jacobs

June 1 2017

An amazing day from the moment you arrive with helpful staff making you feel well looked after the whole way. My skydive was fantastic, better than I expected and now planning another jump soon.

Victoria Leggett

May 31 2017

Staff are amazing….my fifth skydive and definitely not my last! We were made to feel at ease, I’d recommend Uk Parachuting without hesitation.

Geoff Cobb

May 30 2017

I got tumbled out of an aeroplane by Steve on Wednesday, just after some bloke clambered out onto the wing strut for what could have been for some emergency repairs. We left him to it. A few seconds later he turned up again invading our air space, but Steve shook him off by slamming on the brakes only to find him waiting for us down below. Did I dream it?

But seriously what a highly professional and friendly performance you all put on. That didn’t happen by accident, but by careful thought, planning, practice and passion.You made my day.

Gemma Smart

May 29 2017

The most amazing experience!! My instructor was James and he was just brilliant really made me feel at ease, knew his stuff and made me safe. Had a great sense of humor so it made me feel calm and excited. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to do a tandem skydive with even when I was terrified when the door opened and everyone started jumping! I also paid for the video and photo package and this was also a brilliant guy called James, also had a fab sense of humor and made me feel excited about the whole experience! Really can’t wait to see the photos! Overall an awesome experience that’s made me want to do it all over again!! Thanks to all the team, very organized, professional and friendly! Would highly recommend! To the next time….

Claire Coolidge

May 28 2017

Was a fantastic experience and would highly recommend. It was very well organised at the hanger from the briefing through to the actual jump. All the instructors were very friendly and professional and pleased to help and answer any questions. A special thank you to James, my jump partner. Talked me calmly through the whole experience, answered all my questions but was also a lot of fun. The dive was truly amazing! Brilliant from start to finish. 10 out of 10! I want to do it again!

Sarah Burgess

May 26 2017

My son did a Skydive on his 16th birthday for charity, he has ADHD and Aspergers. The staff were excellent making sure he knew what was required of him before the jump, they allowed me to go through the training with him too, although I didn’t jump. This experience has made him more confident that he can achieve things and he can’t wait to do another jump

Samantha Berridge

May 25 2017

I did my tandem sky dive for EAAA. On arrival at Uk parachuting all the staff were friendly. I had the safety briefing which was detailed and I was reassured. I met my instructor rich. He was funny but in a calming and chilled out way. He told me everything that was going to happen step by step. He was caring and reassured me when I seemed (was) nervous. The jump it self was amazing and I would definitely do it again. Everyone at uk parachuting was friendly and was genuinely happy for me that I’d done it. Would definitely recommend rich as an instructor if you are feeling a bit nervous.

Andy Coe

May 24 2017

Hello All

Once again, a very big thank you for sponsoring my jump, and helping me to raise nearly £700 for Norfolk Deaf Association.

After a short delay for rain, everything went well on the day.

I threatened photographic evidence, and here it is, with a big Thank You to Gavin and Callum of UK Parachuting for doing the ‘heavy lifting’…



Terry Cranfield

May 23 2017

Today my wife julie cranfield for her 50th birthday did a tadem skydive with your company at beccles and i would just like to thank you for your kind attention the hassel free time with youselves.
my wife enjoyed the whole experience and would reccomend it to anyone .

Steve East

May 22 2017

I just want to say I done a tandem parachute jump on Friday just gone and I done the jump with Tim, I can’t remember the camera man who filmed it young lad that’s been doing it since last July, I just want to say a huge thank you, your instructors were the absolute nuts, I did have a fear of heights until I done this for a charity and I would sign up for it again in a heart beat. Thank you thank you thank you. Legends the whole lot of you guys still buzzing Regards Steve east

Tanya Burton

May 21 2017

Just won’t to say a massive thank you to all the staff at uk parachuting ! My partner had a fantastic day and made his 30th birthday all that bit better . You guys were fabulous from the minute we arrived to the minute we left and received our video within 2 days !
Would totally recommend

Mad Brilliant Fun

May 20 2017

Absolutely brilliant what a great experience, as you are being held out of a plane the thought goes through your head what am I doing up here but before you can finish the sentence your sky diving through a cloud ☁ and it is fantastic feeling and that’s why you ate jumping out of a plane today.

Noey Arppton

May 15 2017

Put the fear of shit up me… But what a great thing to get involved in… great team.. addressing people’s fear like mine… Its broken now and looking forward to the next dive… And a big thnaks to Tim…xxxx and Steve I’m now dive bugged.

Mike Woodhall

May 14 2017

Without doubt the best thing I have ever done in my life! Great instructors that are really friendly and easy to get on with. I Will be booking again asap. Thank you uk parachuting (beccles)

Cassie Fenn

May 13 2017

Have visited today 12/05 I was so nervous but my instructor was Rick who completely calmed me down. He was amazing. The views were amazing. Once I landed I just wanted to get back in the plane and do it again!!

Beau Leonard

May 12 2017

I did a tandem sky dive and my instructor was very good and friendly. I jumped on the 11th May about 930am and it was for Anthony Nolan. Sorry I can’t remember his name but thankyou very much you was brilllant and I look forward to my solo.

Claire Baycroft

May 11 2017

Was so nervous about my skydive but the guys there made me feel so relaxed and at ease . Best experience of my life .

What an Amazing Experience!

May 10 2017

It was my very first jump, and it was just amazing, everyone was so friendly and we all loved it. I would definitely recommend it 200%! Thanks a lot to my instructor Rob, I had so much fun!

Tanya Hunt

May 9 2017

Did my first ever tandem jump today and absolutely loved it!!
The instructors, cameramen and everyone else were so enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive which all added to my amazing experience.
Would definitely recommend it and will be doing another jump in the very near future!!

Cats Protection Charity Day

May 2 2017

I also had some great feedback from our 3 skydivers I thought you might like?

Just thought I would drop an email on how we all got on yesterday. It was the most insane I have ever done. My god it was so good! You were right about the ears! They finally came back to normal as we were gliding casually over the fields. The whole day was over so quickly. I am glad as we arrived they didn’t leave you hanging around, it was all very well organised and we were made at ease all the time. Checked and looked after to the highest standard by our instructors.



Pete Blaney

April 28 2017

I had my experience last night with the Allen group the loud rowdy lot!!

I just wanted to say that my instructor Steve made the experience more enjoyable as he made me feel at ease, talked me through everything and during the descent talked to me and we had a perfect landing… once again thank you and please pass on to Steve.


Lukas Valiauga (Excellent Experience)

April 27 2017

What an experience!!! Staff’s really friendly and helpful. Which is so important when you a sweating away before jumping of a plane!

Mike Fellows

April 26 2017

What a fantastic experience words cannot express how you feel whilst sitting on the edge of the aircraft. Thanks to all the team for taking care of me, the experience started from the calm booking in staff seamless process. We went straight in for a brief and within 30 minutes we were in the aircraft at climbing to 13,000ft. The skydive was great so that’s Gav for taking care of me so well. We will definitely be back.

Liz Gains

April 25 2017

Skydiving is the most terrifying out my comfort zone thing I’ve ever done. On the say I was shaking with nerves. Everything was so organised and efficient and everyone made me feel as safe and reassured as I could. My instructor (and photographer) were so encouraging and their jokes and banter really took my mind off what was ahead. The jump itself was awful and amazing at the same time, I would recommend it to anyone as it really is incredible and I feel so proud of myself. IF i ever do it again I’ll be requesting the same instructor (Rob) but everyone there seemed so experienced and knowledgable.

AMAZING Natasha Reynolds

April 23 2017

Skydiving is incredible but this location is amazing because you have a fantastic view of the coastline. It was so beautiful it took what little breath I had away.

“A Must Do”

April 22 2017

Been to Beccles this morning for a tandem parachute jump… this was a first for me. It was all well organised, everyone was friendly and everyone was put at ease… instructions and information as well communicated and all the staff made us all feel welcome… I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone and if you were a little nervous about the experience you are soon put at ease… my tandem partner was Rick… a big 10/10 for everything Well done all at uk parachuting keep up the good work

Sasha Ford

April 21 2017

Excellent company to jump with. Amazing team making you feel at ease and comfortable. We arrived for 8.30am and we were talked through and jumped very quickly, no waiting around. Excellent online service and communication.

Sarah Crocker

April 20 2017

Amazing experience was so scared but the team are brilliant and reassuring so glad i managed it incredible feeling.

Madeline Williams

April 17 2017

Thank you it was a great feeling totally recommend doing a tandem skydive to anyone.x.

Carol Barber

April 16 2017

Fabulous. Literally on cloud 9 still. Thanks so much for making the experience everything i dreamed it would be x Big thanks to Rich.

Matt Palmer

April 15 2017

It was an incredible experience and i’d recommend it to anyone, everything from the staff to the jump itself wa awesome

Peter Yule

April 14 2017

Amazing experience. Felt totally safe the whole time. My jump buyy Rick was excellent.

Jo Reed

April 13 2017

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to my Instructor Steve Wilkens and Camera flyer Max Meridius who helped me achieve my second skydive (in fancy dress as a dog) on Sunday 9th April.  This is one of many challenges for me this year and have raised £1400 so far for Meadowgreen Dog Rescue.  It was another awesome experience and the photos and footage are brilliant….Thank you

Sue Lees

April 12 2017

I just wanted to send an email to you and your colleagues at UK Parachuting at Beccles to say thank you very much for looking after my husband Phil and son Matt on their celebratory 50th/18th birthday parachute jumps last Friday 7th April. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and were extremely well looked after. Thanks again.

Mother Clarke!!

April 10 2017

Hi, my daughter hayley clarke and my son Bradley clarke both did the tandem skydive with you this morning and had such a great time!! Thank you all so much..will def be recommending you to all my friends and family.

Debbie Hurst

April 9 2017

Just totally amazing so well organised and what a fantastic team made us feel so relaxed…. thanks guys will definately be returning xx

Abi Edleston

April 8 2017

Thank you very very much for an amazing experience! Still speechless.

Mike Tracery

April 6 2017

We booked this for my stepson’s birthday and it was simply awesome, so exhilarating! The instructors, Rick and Steve, were brilliant, hugely professional and made us feel very reassured. Worth every penny, thanks guys!

Kerri-ann Coleby

April 4 2017

Booked a skydive for my husbands 30th birthday, raised money for EACH. Didn’t get the blokes name who he jumped with, but what An amazing bloke, He made us all feel very welcome. Definitely inspired me to do one at UK parachuting! Top service all round. Thank u.

Adnan Hussain

April 2 2017

Did my second tandem skydive here as a sponsored charity skydive. Was absolutely amazing, my instructor was Danny French, good fellow and a laugh. Had a great jump!

Natasha Halethsham

April 2 2017

I booked a skydive for my husbands 30th the service was excellent and my husband loved it. Highly recommend to anyone considering booking one.

“What a 40th Birthday present” (Paul Smith)

April 1 2017

The guys at the Beccles Parachute jump were excellent. Very professional, very helpful and the guy I done my Tandem jump with was excellent. Thanks guys

Erin Haag

March 30 2017

Did my AFF course in Beccles in March and am now on consolidation jumps. Awesome and very professional instructors, couldn’t have asked for better. Will become my standard place to go Skydiving. Definitely recommended for everyone looking for a tandem jump or an AFF course!

Jenna Cannell

March 29 2017

The best thing I have ever done!! The staff/instructors were fantastic and made you feel so comfortable! Will definitely be doing it again! 100% recommended x

Martin Edwards

March 28 2017

Thank you for an amazing experience! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Would totally recommend a tandem jump to anyone who is considering it. Thank you!

Marian Barcelo

March 25 2017

Hi guys!!! We just want to say a huge thank you to you all for this amazing experience. It was so lovely meeting you. We will definitely come back with some more friends!
Looking forward till the next jump

Louis Cadier

March 24 2017

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your team for delivering such brilliant footage.  I have now nearly finished the post production and am happy to report a really great video. I am still polishing the edit but it will be published on the 31st March and I will share the link with you.

Thank you for putting us with Steve, he really did an amazing job both on the ground and in the air, quite amazing actually. I will send him a message in our thanks but if you ever need a comment/quote on how fantastic you guys are, just ask me!

Yours most gratefully,


Global Communities Marketing Manager

Emma Vince

March 22 2017

Booking for a solo jump in April and my tandem skydive was fantastic.

Jamie Coates

March 21 2017

Unforgettable experience from start to finish the team are remarkable reassuring all the way thru every step as well as having a joke at the same time I would highly recommend the experience for anyone absolutely amazing day out. The only draw back is its over to quick but then it’s out of their hands how quick we fall from the skies. Can’t wait to do it again

Elle D’amery

March 20 2017

Did my first ever parachute jump today to raise money for mind and it was incredible. Danny was my instructor and he was amazing. I would definitely go back and do it again

Julie Crow

March 19 2017

Amazing experience, would defiantly recommend. Can’t wait for my next one. Staff really friendly, calming and helpful.

Experience of a Lifetime

March 18 2017

This was an expierence of a life time from the Time we arrived at your office until we left everything was just perfect the office staff was fantastic, the introduction was perfect and in details the instructor was excellent the Vido guys was perfect I can not find any words who would even get close to how excellent and outstanding…

Fantastic Experience (John West)

March 17 2017

There’s nothing compared to the feeling of floating in the sky like a cloud. Well organised , brilliant experience

Awesome Parachute Jump

March 16 2017

Absolutely awesome experience, my wife got me this as part of my 40th birthday present and it was absolutely amazing, cannot recommend it enough! Rick my instructor was brilliant, really friendly and welcoming as was James (Brookie) the camera man! Fantastic experience with a great team of staff, will leave you wanting more, can’t wait to go again!

Dawn Withers

March 8 2017

Jumped this Tuesday – amazing experience and a fantastic place to do it !!!!
Everyone was so cheery and calm lol
Will be jumping again real soon
Really recommend this place

Cat Judd

March 7 2017

Just want to say a huge thankyou to you guys today i had an amazing time doing my charity skydive today through you lot and cant wait to see pics and video.

Manfred Seibert

March 5 2017

This was an expierence of a life time from the Time we arrived at your office until we left everything was just perfect the office staff was fantastic, the introduction was perfect and in details the instructor was excellent the Vido guys was perfect I can not find any words who would even get close to how excellent and outstanding everything was thank you very much for making it an expierence of a life time and i will be back to do another jump

Kaienna Payne

March 4 2017

Staff were brilliant putting my nerves at ease, explained everything thoroughly and made it a day to remember 🙂

Ken Bovington

March 3 2017

Amazing experience, would defiantly recommend. Can’t wait for my next one. Staff really friendly, calming and helpful.

Darren Rayner

March 2 2017

Awesome experience, very professional and accommodating outfit, thanx guys. I would recommend U.K. Parachuting to everyone.

Rupinder Virk

March 1 2017

Amazing experience , staff was very helpful , must do once .

Pete Farrell

February 28 2017

A fantastic experience, very grateful for all help, encouragement and patience of all the team, especially Rick and James for all the time they spent with me. Determined to do it again soon.
Once again, many thanks to you all.

William Grant

February 22 2017

The whole day was excellent the people were very friendly and the instructors were experienced and make it a very enjoyable and relaxing day

Amazing Experience all the staff were lovely

February 21 2017

Amazing experience, all staff where lovely, very reassuring and helpful. Defiantly be visiting again:)

Julie Harrison

February 20 2017

Living close to Beccles, I have always enjoyed watching the parachutes landing on the airfield but it was a great surprise when my husband organised a tandem skydive for my 60th birthday. Upon arrival, I received a warm welcome from Steve and then we were given a clear briefing by Danny. My first tandem skydive was an exhilarating experience thanks to the wonderful Rick Thompson (my hero!) who made me feel relaxed and at ease. The team at UK Parachuting is extremely professional and I would definitely recommend tandem skydiving at Beccles to people of all ages.
I haven’t told my husband yet but I’d love to do it all again next year!

Dave Allen

February 19 2017

Team Henry have just completed our second annual ‘Fly High With Henry’ raising vital funds to support children and families battling childhood cancer. Thank you to the amazing guys who are brilliant! Maybe booking in system could be improved a little but we had great experiences 😉 See you next year! #TeamHenry xxx

Simone Burdett

February 18 2017

Totally amazing experience on Sunday and just got the video and stills in the post which are awesome! Thank you Jed my cameraman and Matt my instructor!! I wanna come and do it again now! Loved every minute. Thank you so much

Sarah Louise

February 17 2017

Just got back home after my daughter did a tandem jump for charity and what an amazing experience she had!! Facilities were good and all the staff were friendly, didnt get chance to thank her instructor, Dave, personally but thank u for looking after her and making her feel at ease. I didnt feel at all worried because i knew she was in safe hands. Will definately be back at some point in the future

Charlotte Sutton

February 16 2017

I cannot recommended this place enough. Did my first tandem skydive today to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society, the experience was incredible and a large part of that is because of my instructor Chris! You were so kind to me as I was clearly very nervous but I felt so at ease putting my life in your hands lol! Thank you so much will definitely see you again!

Lisa Evans

February 15 2017

Professional team and really good fun.
I’m going back for more
Loved it

Pure Craziness

February 13 2017

I jumped on 3rd Feb in the safe hands of ‘cool Rick’
What a legend, makes you feel calm, clear instruction with a hint of lunatic for excitement. The whole team from arrival are upbeat, welcoming and clearly professionals. The jump is the maddest and most adrenaline fuelled experience of my life. What a rush. I cannot wait to go back in April for my 2nd tandem. Everyone should experience this.
Thanks guys!!

Kirk Brown

February 11 2017

I jumped on 3rd Feb in the safe hands of ‘cool Rick’
What a legend, makes you feel calm, clear instruction with a hint of lunatic for excitement. The whole team from arrival are upbeat, welcoming and clearly professionals. The jump is the maddest and most adrenaline fuelled experience of my life. What a rush. I cannot wait to go back in April for my 2nd tandem. Everyone should experience this.
Thanks guys!!

Jenna Cannell

February 10 2017

The best thing I have ever done!! The staff/instructors were fantastic and made you feel so comfortable! Will definitely be doing it again! 100% recommended x

Callum Roll

February 9 2017

Great place, gave us the needed information and went straight up! Instructor was confident and it rubbed off. Bit Cosey in the plane but can’t be helped, an experience I won’t forget and will definitely repeat! They even organised the weather with not a cloud in sight

Michael Bolger

February 8 2017

A really good experience for our son on his 21st birthday! He loved it.
Careful if you are a spectator though, we were left in the cafe and not called out to watch the event. Luckily we walked back over to the site to find that he was already in the air and about to jump!

Jamie Coates

February 7 2017

Unforgettable experience from start to finish the team are remarkable reassuring all the way thru every step as well as having a joke at the same time I would highly recommend the experience for anyone absolutely amazing day out. The only draw back is its over to quick but then it’s out of their hands how quick we fall from the skies. Can’t wait to do it again.

Lynne Upfield

February 6 2017

I’m a fun jumper and I’ve been coming to Beccles whilst my regular place has been shut over the winter. Everyone I’ve met here has been so helpful and friendly from instructors coaches and club jumpers – all willing to share knowledge and help me progress. Would highly recommend- its well worth the journey and I plan on coming back regularly

Lorraine Knight

February 4 2017

I enjoyed my skydive with UK Parachuting on Sunday 29th January. I love the professional attitude within this club, but at the same time, they make you fell very much welcome indeed. If your going to do your first skydive then I would suggest this club. Many members have multiples of thousands of jumps. A huge box ticker.

Paul Wiseman

February 3 2017

Thanks guys for a really great day you’re awesome i’ll be coming back to see you again in the near future xx

Imran Abdul-Hakeem

February 2 2017

I loved the experience of a tandem skydive yesterday. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. The #UKPrachuting team made it special with their upbeat and supportive nature. They were reassuring my safety all the way through and kept my mind off the daunting task of jumping by keeping it really lively and hilarious. I enjoyed every bit of it and would definitely recommend these guys.

Edward Lorriane

February 1 2017

On Sunday 29th January I had my third skydive at U.K Parachuting at Beccles. Another enjoyable skydive with a very professional team. Never disappointed and never have I felt that I am not welcome. Until the next skydive.

Kind regards.

Toni Arnold

January 31 2017

I had an amazing time. Although I was nervous and have a phobia of heights. As it was my first Tandem jump, they made me feel at ease with their jokes and banter. The experience itself was amazing. It was such an adrenaline rush. There is a little waiting around but that’s what you expect in aviation. The weather was perfect although cold but the view was awesome. I was smiling all the way down. Highly recommend and I would love to do it again.

Dave Wilson

January 30 2017

First tandem jump, was the best experience ever with the very lovely Danny French, made me feel more relaxed and helped me enjoy the jump more. Highly recommend this to anyone, looking forward to next time. 🙂

Andrew Russell

January 28 2017

Breathtaking, adrenaline pumping and pure madness. Really enjoyed the whole experience. The positive and friendly staff made it that more enjoyable. Big shout out to Rick for getting me down safely in one piece.

Skydive for my Birthday

January 26 2017

Have to say was pleasantly welcomed, then straight out back to get changed and briefed which I loved. No messing around straight to the good part. Jump suit, braces then the low down of the precautionary steps taken when jumping out of a plane. My first jump obviously was a tandem dive with a guy named Rick who just made me feel at ease. Got in the plane Rick then went over the steps again which was reassuring. Waited for the red light. Door opens. Green light…. Well guess you know what the green light mean. Out went one, then two, then me! Feet crossed dangling out arched back touch underside head back to left and then the experience of a lifetime! Words do not describe the feeling of what you go through. For me I have no fear of height so was thoroughly looking forward to it. It far surpassed my expectations and will definitely travel the miles again to hopefully make it number two by the summer. Thanks again everyone at UK parachuting, big thank you to Rick for the dive. Top man.

Allie Eve

January 25 2017

Just completed my first tandem skydive at Beccles.
Feeling absolutely amazing, my instructor Ric, was ‘the best’, couldn’t have asked for a nicer/funnier guy.
Thank you Ric and all the team for showing me heaven. Xxx

Jayne Whitaker

January 24 2017

So jumping out of a plane has officially been ticked off the bucket list! ✈ Still can’t believe how comfortable free falling through the sky at 120mph feels and it started to snow just as we were about to land ❄ Already planning the next adventure, best birthday present ever thank you Matt Moore 🎉❤ pictures and videos to follow once they come in the post!

Awesome from start to finish

January 24 2017

Great venue Great pilot Great training breathtaking experience i would highly recommend UK Parachuting to anyone considering their 1st skydive thank you.

Marke Spark

January 23 2017

Jumped this Saturday – amazing experience and a fantastic place to do it !!!!
Everyone was so cheery and calm lol
Will be jumping again real soon
Really recommend this place

Lousie Marie

January 23 2017

Wow, what a day. Nearly cried when i got this jump for xmas but I’m so happy I had it. I had an amazing day today and would like to thank Tim for making me feel so safe and David for videoing me. Absolutely amazing day.
What a fab team, i know i said never again but who knows I could be back!

Kevin Mason

January 23 2017

Great time made to feel welcome. And safe. Got exactly what I wanted from my experience. Would recommend thisi will be definately back for a second skydive then onto my AFF level 1. 🙂

Tamara Jackman

January 22 2017

First tandem jump, was the best experience ever with the very lovely Danny French, made me feel more relaxed and helped me enjoy the jump more. Highly recommend this to anyone, looking forward to next time

Best Experience Ever

January 22 2017

Breathtaking, adrenaline pumping and pure madness. Really enjoyed the whole experience. The positive and friendly staff made it that more enjoyable. Big shout out to Rick for getting me down in one piece.

Claire Page

January 20 2017

OMG how fantastic are the team at Ellough well let me tell you, I did my first jump today as a birthday gift from my partner and it was amazing, I was very nervous when I woke up but from the time I stepped into reception from the time I landed on my feet the team where amazing I couldn’t fault them in any way I didn’t even feel nervous as everything was explained in fully and several times and the experience was just amazing well done team

Lisa Ho

January 17 2017

Did my first ever jump on the 17th January 2017 as my boyfriend at the time got this as a gift for me and himself while we was in Norfolk for a weeks break. I was nervous going there but I felt at ease once I arrived. The staff where all great and everything was explained properly from how to put your harness on to sitting on the floor practicing your landing position. Me and my boyfriend had a video each done which I am waiting for at the moment and I can’t wait to see. The jump itself I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I may be it was such an amazing feeling free fall I did find it a little hard to breath at the start lol…me and my boyfriend who is now my fiancee as he proposed to me shortly after our jump we both loved it and I’m sure we will be back in the near future for another go.

Jazmin Charles

January 16 2017

Brilliant experience even let my brother join us in the plane for a extra £25 (he didn’t jump out though he was just in for the ride) would suggest everyone to do it you won’t regret it!! Absolutely loved the buzz and the free fall with no parshoot and loved the fact it’s all been filled and pictures taken of me atchally in the air with no parshoot as family could hardly see me as I was a dot in the sky so pictures won’t come out on our phones absolutely amazing and all to raise money for cancer research UK which I raised alot total still to be added up but we’ll over £700 raised ���

Caroline Anthony

January 15 2017

My 16 yo daughter and I had the great pleasure of experiencing our first tandem skydive with these guys. Note I said first, that is because it was such an awesome experience that we are both inspired to go up again: me to do another tandem and my daughter to do the level 1 AFF course. The staff are friendly, fun and incredibly safety conscious without being terrifying. All equipment is checked and checked again and checked again. Instructions were clear, precise and easy to understand. The whole atmosphere of the set up is relaxed but efficient. The actual experience starts with checking in, paying any remaining fee and signing disclaimers. Then you go into the hanger to have an explanation of what is going to happen and your part in it. Depending on numbers, the group will be split into two and you’ll either gear up straight away into boiler suit, harness and soft helmet, or you’ll wait for around half an hour. Once geared up you’ll find different people will check your equipment and your tandem instructor will go through the basic instructions for you. Do not worry if you think you will forget them, you won’t! Then it’s loading up onto the aeroplane which is an experience in itself as you tuck yourselves in and at this point are clipped to your tandem buddy with more equipment checks being carried out. Then it’s up to 13,000 feet, goggles on, door open and out you go. The free fall is exhilarating and although undoubtedly very fast, isn’t scary at all. After about 40 or 50 seconds, the parachute is released and then it’s a very peaceful five minute descent to the ground, where the expert behind you will land you very carefully. Follow up is a certificate and we bought a t-shirt and sweatshirt, both of which are good quality. Services on site are limited but there are toilets and picnic benches and we noticed a cafe on the estate but the day we visited it was closed. All in all, I completely recommend taking the plunge and taking the plunge with UK Parachuting.

Nick Rich

January 8 2017

Did my first Tandem skydive with these guys on 0801/17, and must say that not only was everybody involved totally professional but made this experience one I will never forget. My instructor Danny French was mega and put me completely at ease so a very big thank you to him and the whole team. Wifey and I will be seeing you again soon for Dive No2 !!

Wayne Mullally

January 7 2017

I got this as a surprise birthday present from my girlfriend, at first I thought she was trying to get rid of me �, but after the jump I can honestly say it was the best present I’ve ever had. The staff were friendly and professional every step of the way, the whole process took less than an hour, and the feeling of flying through the air will not be matched by anything else. ��

Keith Chisholm

January 1 2017

Did my first, and not last, tandem jump with these guys on the 01/01/17. From beginning to end everyone there made it a relaxing, and fun experience. The instructors really were top notch, and had a good laugh to help you settle into it. I would highly recommend jumping from here with these guys. Already looking at booking in my A licence. 🙂 Thanks everyone that made this jump amazing.

Julie Meadows

December 18 2016

If you have ever thought to yourself Hmmmm I wish I could do a sky dive then just DO IT , and do it with these guys !!! From booking to the end you are looked after by this professional team . I cannot recommend highly enough .

Mark Taylor

December 11 2016

This was awesome well recommend doing this it was even better then I expected I will definitely be doing more jumps the staff there are superb thanks for a top day

Deblina Choudury

November 7 2016

Loved the experience and I am going again for sure. All of the members are utmost professional and very friendly. I totally recommend everyone to try it at least once in a lifetime,and if you can make it your profession,oh boy you have nailed it!

Becky Dunnett

October 28 2016

Today me and my husband took part in our first tandem sky dive. It was an amazing, fantastic experience which we both loved. All the staff were very friendly and professional. I can’t wait to see the footage from my jump. We both loved it so much we want to do it again! Thank you everyone.

Tasha Buglass

October 15 2016

Amazing! What an experience! We was unfortunate with the weather the first time, it was to windy. But it was really easy to rebook for the next day! Amazing staff, super friendly and made me feel calm and safe. Also brought the DVD, its worth the money for the memories. Highly recommend. Thank you UK parachuting!

Monera Al Rukhayes

September 21 2016

It was a beautiful day to skydive for a first timer like myself. My instructor Yolanda was amaaazing . I enjoyed every second cant wait to see the video. Its a lovely place the beccles airfield one big family Nick from Nottingham , camera man Sam, Danny the patient guy who gave us the brief and the Queen of the sky Yolanda. Thankyou all
Lots of love��
Monera from Kuwait

Lisa Lungley

August 21 2016

Just received the photos back from the tandem jump my husband and I took part in last week to raise money for West Suffolk hospital and it just brought back what a fantastic experience the whole thing was. All members of staff were very professional yet friendly and you can’t help but be put at ease in what is quite honestly a pretty extreme situation! We both enjoyed it so much in fact, we’ve roped in a group of friends to join us in a second jump next month! Keep up the good work UK Parachuting!

Callum Roll

July 21 2016

Great place, gave us the needed information and went straight up! Instructor was confident and it rubbed off. Bit Cosey in the plane but can’t be helped, an experience I won’t forget and will definitely repeat! They even organised the weather with not a cloud in sight �

Bethany Rose Mutford

June 21 2016

I took part in the big skydive for the NSPCC 2016 was the most amazing experience! Every one was friendly professional welcoming and just really great! They really made my jump the best it could have possibly been! I will be doing it again and only with uk parachuting! Loved every minute of it from the moment I got there to the moment I left! Well organised the whole way through! Lovely people thank you �

Nicola Jane

May 21 2016

Unbelievable!Awesome experience and Mattie French made it fun and felt completely in safe hands the whole time!!!Definitely booking another skydive !Cant recommend it more!

James Nicholson

April 21 2016

Amazing. Thank you so much.
It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.
It’s taken me 40 years.
All the staff were brilliant. I’m just desperate to see my video and pictures.
Thank you Jacqui and Olivia for a great present and experience.

Eliza Banasiak

March 1 2015

Massive thanks for an unforgettable experience! Special thank you to my instructor for the journey through a rainbow surrounded gap in the cloud!

Linda Marshall

February 19 2015

Me and my husband did a tandem skydive together for valentines day, he surprised me the day before and drove us straight to the centre. Within an hour of arriving we had booked in, had our tandem skydive brief and were on the plane together.

It was by far the best valentines day i have ever had and my hubby had arranged for some flowers to be given to me when i landed down safely.  Thank you so much will definitely be back soon!!

If you don’t mind i would like to organise a charity skydive for a few of my friends in memory of my father who died of prostate cancer last year.

Wendy Mathews

February 14 2015

My husband Bernard and i both went to do a tandem skydive this valentines day. Im a more of an outdoors girl and i enjoyed it far more than just some flowers and chocolates. Thank you Bernard for arranging it, thank you to Tibi my instructor for keeping me alive and calm LOL and to Pete for the video and pictures, cant wait to receive them in the post.

Eric Jefferson

February 11 2015

Brilliant in every way! The pictures came out great too. I am a very happy man!

Charles Davidson

February 7 2015

Excellent experience from start to finish. The staff were so helpful and funny during the tandem brief and my instructor Tibi was really professional. He was really good at keeping me calm and pointing out the sights whilst we were under the parachute!

Jane Rudd

February 7 2015

Wonderful day with my husband. We were both thoroughly impressed with the whole staffs safety orientated attitude. The cafe is excellent too serving us a nice cooked meal. Very impressed.

Henry Willing

February 4 2015

What a wonderful experience for me and my boyfriend. We we so pleased to see that this parachute centre takes kindly to people from the gay community and treats us just the same (something other centres have not done) all the staff were very welcoming and put our nervous minds at ease. The jump was incredible and one of the best things we have ever done. Can’t wait to do it again!

Rebecca Simpson

February 2 2015

So amazing!! just got my video and photos in the post and they are perfect. All of my family loved the pictures. Thank you so much to my camera man Sam for your great work and Instructor Steve for keeping me safe!

Sarah Dewing

February 1 2015

Best thing i have ever done!

All i wanted to do once we got down was go up and do it again. Everyone must do this at some point in their lives!!

John Divers

February 1 2015

This was my second tandem skydive here at UK Parachuting and this one was even better than the first!! As i had already done one, my mind was more prepared for what was going to happen and i was able to take in and enjoy more of the free fall part especially.

My Instructor Nada was even kind enough to let me steer the canopy for a short while too which was brilliant.

I can’t recommend these guys enough, they’re service is constantly excellent and helpful!

Vikki Roberts

January 25 2015

Thank you so much to all your amazing staff for making our skydives a day to remember yesterday. Fantastic relaxed atmosphere, I will definitely be back (again!) xXx

Cecile Reeve

January 25 2015

Had an awesome day yesterday. What a brilliant experience. Felt very looked after and in capable hands. Thank you to all the team, especially Steve, my instructor & tandem skydiver; the very kind and encouraging cameraman; and also Mr Thompson (spelt with a ‘p’). Thank you all for a wonderful day.

Hannah Louise Macdonald

January 25 2015

Hello! I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the instructors and my lovely cameraman for making our charity skydive on Wednesday such an amazing experience that we will never forget!! Thank you for being so friendly and making us feel so safe and a part of your team!!

Cat Judd

January 24 2015

just want to say a huge thankyou to you guys today i had an amazing time doing my charity skydive today through you lot and cant wait to see pics and dvd

Gina Mattioli

January 17 2015

Fab day yesterday, thank you for an amazing experience, you are all nuts!! A second tandem is definitely on the cards xxx

Nicole Walker

January 7 2015

AWESOME experience today
BIG thanks to all the staff who were friendly, informative, and confidence boosting. EXTRA BIG thanks to Rob (The big, hairy one) for looking after me and to Paul for making me smile (literally!!! lol) – hope he found my good side!!!
Thanks guys – don’t be surprised if I come back for more….!!!

Ollie Pulsford

January 3 2015

Just wanted to say thank you to Tim my instructor today, it was a great jump! Thanks again mate. Also, thanks to the pilot (sorry, didn’t catch your name) and all the ground crew!

Emma Lesurf

December 29 2014

My photos and dvd had arrived what an awesome day! ! Deff looking into level 1!!

Karen Louise Beer

December 27 2014

Thank you for the best time ever today you made my birthday a very special one!!!!! See you very soon for my AAF wicked jump!!!!!!!

Rachael Hamilton

December 23 2014

Did my AFF level one yesterday, the best thing ever, and by far the best instructor ever. Thanks Stu for being fabulous, I will be back for level two! Xx

Stacey Knapp

December 18 2014

Just received my dvd and photos from Fridays skydive. I’m home alone as got day off work, can’t decide whether to watch it or wait until the family get home! Thank you so much. Iv already decided to come back and do it agai.! X

Jannine Crazycatlady

December 15 2014

Just got my DVD and photos through the post – I am so so so happy! They are brilliant! Have goosebumps and excitement from reliving the skydive. Thank you!

Amber Stock

October 30 2014

I am writing to you regarding my recent skydive that I did with you on the 5th July with three friends. I would just like to thank-you all so much for making it such an amazing experience, I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was the most spectacular thing I have ever experienced. I would
especially like to thank my instructor Tibi who was amazing from the start! He made me feel 100% safe from start to finish, and was such a calming
influence on the plane ride up, laughing and joking with me! He’s a real credit to you, as are the other instructors that I was speaking with.
I enjoyed the experience so much that I’m considering taking the accelerated free fall course.

Tommy Skipper

October 30 2014

I did my Charity Skydive on the Saturday just gone (26th July) and i just wanna say a big thank you to all at UK Parachuting for the great experience. I absolutely loved it and i will be booking another one with you shorty!! Also a big thanks to J Thompson my instructor for a nice smooth dive!

Thanks again for a great experience!!

Eileen Edmondson

October 30 2014

I just wanted to say what a brilliant team you have there, I have never felt so safe and secure and was made to feel at ease, my pilot Steve was fantastic even though I forgot most of what he told me as I fell from the sky, you’d of though I’d done a perfect job afterwards, what a lovely man.

Also perfect was the camera man, again I forgot to lift my head up, he never mentioned it afterwards, lots of smiles from both, also a lovely lad.

And how about that lovely lady who sees us all in and out, so slick and friendly and what a memory she has, I hope you cherish all your wonderful staff who make the day such a pleasure, I shall remember them always.

Vicki Dack

August 29 2014

Got my pics back from you today after jumping last Sunday, just a reminder to me what a fantastic experience it was.. what a view!! Massive thanks to my instructor (sorry, can’t remember his name but he was fab! I think it may have been Rob.. Sorry, if I’m wrong!!  and my camera man Rick and to everyone else for putting me at ease through the whole experience. Cheers Guys!

Lynsey Cowell

August 3 2014

Just completed my second tandem jump, a fantastic experience, thank you, time to think about learning to jump alone maybe

Jen Scotney

July 28 2014

Just got my DVD and photos from Fridays skydive… brought it all back to me! Thank you so much for an amazing day, me & George Hanton absolutely loved it, thank you to the guys we jumped with too, they were brilliant!

Dave Gooderham

June 30 2014

Our thanks to everyone connected with UK Parachuting for organising our first ever charity sky dive on Saturday morning. 25 people took part and all absolutely loved the experience. Thanks guys – took the stress out of organising it brilliantly. We will be back.

Dave Gooderham, Fundraising Manager, West Suffolk Hospital Charity

Danny Kevin Ayling

June 27 2014

Excellent first time skydive done today ! Looking to book another one in and maybe AFF.

Nicol Pybus

June 25 2014

Getting excited for my 2nd tandem jump on sunday only did my first 6 weeks ago think I may be a little hooked !!

Kyle Hussey

June 22 2014

Completed The BIG JUMP Sponsored Skydive for BIG C Cancer Charity today with UK Parachuting. Absolutely loved it was made feel comfortable and at ease. Really enjoyed it a lovely lot of instructors. Would do it again. Thank You.

Paul Wiseman

June 13 2014

thanks guys for a really great day you’re awesome i’ll be coming back to see you again in the near future xx

Emma Rose

June 2 2014

Had an amazing experience yesterday! Loved every second ! Thanks again and to Rob my instructor!

Kazz bailey

May 31 2014

Many thanks for yesterday, my son did a tandem skydive with you for his 18th birthday, see you in October as my daughter wants to do for her 16th now

Cee Peeno

May 24 2014

Gret stuff, I was first one out the plane on the first run of tandems… thanks for amazing experience.

Michael Bradley

May 19 2014

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing Experience on Friday. Although i screamed like a girl most of the way down it was something ill never forget. Special thanks to Tibi (i think that was his name) for getting me down safe and putting up with my shouting and general cowardice. We’ll be back in August all being well. Cheers guys.

Nicki Pybus

May 7 2014

I did my first skydive with you yesterday loved it by the way the staff were amazing!! I am going to take advantage of my £135 jump and i want to do my AFF level 1. Once again thanks.