Brooke’s Wish to Walk

By JT - UK Parachuting

There is a life changing operation in America, Bristol & Leeds that would make Brooke’s life so much better for her. It’s a special operation for children with spasticity cerebral palsy. This life changing operation has a reported 100% success rate in its 24 year history but it is only currently available in America & Bristol, the costs involved are close to £40k!! This will pay for her operation, the duration of a months stay for her pre operative and post operative care, physiotherapy and the equipment she will need after. Any donation big or small will be very much appreciated. It really breaks my heart when Brooke is left behind crying & all her sisters, brother & friends are running ahead or playing on playground equipment & Brooke just have to sit & watch. Please help me to change Brooke’s & our lives forever.

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