Age UK Essex

By Skydive - UK Parachuting

Age UK Essex is a registered charity providing friendship, advice and practical support to over 80,000 people each year. Our services include befriending, home help, toenail trimming, dementia support and information services. We strive to make later life better through reducing isolation and loneliness, providing support for people who are living with dementia or simply by enabling people to live independently by providing practical help for everyday tasks.


With around 1 million older people in the UK regularly going an entire month without speaking to anyone, this sadly equates to 33,000 older people on our doorstep, living in households across Essex feeling lonely and having no one to turn to. Demand for our support services continues to grow as thousands of older people and families find it impossible to navigate the complex legal, health and social care systems of today’s society. Take the leap and help us to raise funds that help provide support to older people across Essex.

We ask that you commit to raise £395 before your skydive to cover the booking deposit, jump costs and sponsorship. There is a limited amount of places, so please let me know if you are interested in signing up or have any additional questions about the day.

1 October – Skydive day @ Beccles, Suffolk

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